Quang Nam handicrafts shop

Update: 07/11/2017
The opening ceremony of the Quang Nam typical shop of fine handicrafts was held at Hoi An silk village on November 4.

More than 10 typical handicrafts groups of Quang Nam province presented at the shop

The shop is a component of the project of sales channels development through the link between the locality, products and tourism; the production expansion of safe vegetables and traditional handicrafts development funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Minamiboso city (Japan).

More than 10 Quang Nam traditional handicrafts groups, including silk, brocade, souvenirs, cosmetics, and paper items made from nipa palm, are presented at the shop.

Lanterns are made from nipa palm

The shop coming into operation at Hoi An Silk Village will be a highlight in the series of the sideline activities of the APEC 2017 Summit Week. Besides visiting and shopping, visitors can learn about the value chain (from production to consumption) of these products. The shop helps to solve the output of the local traditional fine handicrafts, contributing to bettering the locals’ income, to the local socio-economic development.

Quang Nam silk at the shop

The arrangement of the products at the shop also follows Japanese consultants, which helps serve visitors better.

Source: QNO