Establishing community-based tourist site in Na O village

Update: 21/10/2019
The Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Bac Giang province has worked out a plan to guide establishing the community-based tourist site in Na O hamlet, An Lac commune, Son Dong district.

Accordingly, the community-based tourism development is aimed to protect and promote natural resources and traditional cultural values of the province, thereby effectively exploiting the diversified tourism potentials of the locality contributing to economic restructuring and improving people’s living standards while making tourism into a major sector in local socio-economic development.

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Illustrative photo.

The plan is focused on conducting researches and surveys to make a product quality-assessment report and providing solutions for developing the community-based tourism model at the locality and neighboring areas in An Lac commune, Son Dong district.

Besides, it is planned to make tours and routes connected to the tourist sites while introducing travel agents to survey the destinations to establish eco-community-based tourism models in line with the local products.

It is necessary to build the criteria on “hygiene, civilization and politeness” for the tourist accommodation establishments meeting demands of tourists to the locality.

In addition, it is essential to open training courses on necessary skills for tourism business helping local people have competence to serve domestic and foreign tourists.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism requests the people’s committee of Son Dong district and related units to join hands in implementation of the assigned tasks and duties. 

They are also asked to direct the people’s committee of An Lac commune to facilitate organizing training programs to guild local people in doing tourism business to serve tourists to promote potentials and advantages of rural, ecological and village tourism while fostering investment attraction in community-based tourism development.

Source: Bac Giang Online