Con Co – a peaceful little island in the middle of the East Sea

Update: 14/08/2020
Con Co Island in Quang Tri Province is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to escape from busy life in big cities and wish to enjoy a pure and peaceful atmosphere.

Con Co – a peaceful little island in the middle of the East Sea (Photo:

Crossing the 17th parallel, Con Co Island is located 30 km from the mainland. The best time to visit Con Co is during summer from March to August. In May, June and July, the sea is calm and the weather is beautiful enough for tourist activities. The rainy season takes place from September to November.

Con Co attracts visitors thanks to its crystal-clear seawater, serene landscape, and floral diversity. It has vast areas of primeval forests that cover 70% of the island’s total area.

The island is also renowned as a fierce battlefield during the wartime in Vietnam.

It takes about 1.5 hours for visitors to reach the island by boat. The boat departs from Cua Viet Port every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and returns to the mainland on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

Welcome gate on Con Co Island. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

A tranquil corner in the island. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

With a flag measuring 24sq.m, the flagpole in Con Co is one of the biggest of its kind to be installed on a Vietnamese island. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

Hill 37 Monument, a place honouring soldiers who laid down their lives to safeguard the country’s seas and islands. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

Con Co is an ideal place for sea bathing and diving as tourists can admire the colourful coral reefs and lively undersea world, including many rare species. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)

The sea embankment is a perfect venue for beholding sunrise on the island. (Photo: NDO/Minh Duy)