Spicy ‘banh mi’: A speciality of Hai Phong city

Among the different versions of ‘banh mi’ available in Vietnam, the ‘banh mi cay’ (spicy ‘banh mi’) of Hai Phong may be the humblest, consisting of just a baguette, some pate and a squeeze of local chilli sauce.

2 food trippers blog: 10 must-try Vietnamese food

(TITC) - Famous Belgium food reviewer - 2 food trippers listed 10 dishes that first-time visitors should try when visiting Vietnam.

Experience of cloud chasing in Cao Bang Province’s Luc Khu region

Luc Khu is a poor region in Ha Quang District, in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang. However, visitors to the area will earn the great experience of admiring the mountains with fairly uniform heights and fancy shapes. The white and beautiful clouds in the early morning are especially promising at surprising tourists.

Quan Lan (Quang Ninh) in summer

About 40 kilometers from the center of Van Don district, the island of Quan Lan has emerged as a great place for those who want to immerse in nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Quang noodle- more than just a dish!

Quang noodle has been recognised as a "food heritage" of the south of Hai Van Pass and has received high praise from tourists travelling to Quang Nam. But for the natives, even when they come to America, they still argue about this delicacy when someone treats them to a bowl of Quang noodles to remember their hometown.

Phu Yen, the land of the rising sun - A rising star of this summer

(TITC) - Few places in Vietnam are as charming as Phu Yen - the land of the rising sun. The province of Vietnam has been well-known thanks to a famous Vietnamese movie “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” (Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh), launched in 2015.

Foreign passengers being impressed with Da Nang - Quy Nhon luxury train

(TITC) - The luxury class of the train embarking from Da Nang to Quy Nhon (South Central Vietnam) is The Vietage, launched in 2020, yet was interrupted due to the pandemic and resumed operations from April this year. One-way tickets cost USD$350 and the journey takes about 6 hours.

Da Nang: Enjoying most beautiful sunrise in Mui Nghe

Mui Nghe, a paradise that welcomes the first sunrise of a day in the east of the Son Tra peninsula is also known as Da Nang cape. This mountain range has a rocky cliff weighing tons that looks like a “nghe”, a mascot existing in the Vietnamese imagination, with the head facing the cliff and the body facing the immense sea as if to protect people from storms.

Ngoi Tu Village, an attractive destination by Thac Ba Lake

Located on the peaceful Thac Ba Lake, Ngoi Tu Community Cultural Tourism Village in Vu Linh Commune, Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province is an attractive destination for tourists.

The reasons why tourists should come to Vietnam

According to The National (UAE), there were five great reasons why travelers should come and explore this beautiful country.