A day to explore the splendid mountain pass between Binh Thuan and Lam Dong

Located at an altitude of 800 m sea level, dark clouds cover the top of the pass when it is going to rain, people cannot see each other's faces clearly within 5 meters apart, but when the clouds disperse, the golden sunlight is exposed and the weather is getting warmer.

Vietnam in the top 10 best graduation trips to take in 2024

(TITC) - The world's leading travel magazine Lonely Planet has proposed the top 10 best trips to take in 2024 for celebratory vacation after graduation. Vietnam appears on this list at number 5.

International athletes thrill tourists at Jetski show in Phu Quoc

Tourists in Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang were thrilled by the jaw dropping performances put on by international athletes at the Jetski show held on February 27 at Sunset Town.

The space preserves memories of Vietnam’s marine

(TITC) - Located right next to Cau Da Port, Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa Province), Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography welcomes thousands of visitors to visit, study, and research every day, of which the Museum of Oceanography is known as the miniature space of Vietnam's sea.

Discovering Pang Tieng Waterfall (Lam Dong)

Pang Tieng Waterfall in Pang Tieng Village, Lat Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, stands as a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts eager to explore the untouched wilderness.

“Forest bathing” in Hue City

As the "doors" of cultural heritage have been gradually opened over the years, the "doors" of the natural landscape are also continuing to be unlocked.…, bringing tourists an incredibly unique Ancient Capital.

Enjoying peace at Sunny Farm (Da Nang)

Located at the foot of Hai Van mountain, the Sunny Farm eco-tourism area brings a feeling of peace, comfort and coolness like the weather in spring.

Tuyen Lam Lake (Lam Dong Province) is a unique natural heritage

(TITC) - Located north of Phuong Hoang Mountain, the national scenic spot of Tuyen Lam Lake, along with Truc Lam Zen Monastery (Lam Dong), has created a famous beautiful scenic complex - one of the attractive destinations when coming to the land of thousands of flowers.

Exploring the rustic beauty of Kala Lake (Lam Dong)

Kala Lake has recently captured the hearts of tourists with its rustic and majestic beauty. The harmonious blend of rivers, mountains, and forests offers visitors a serene and rejuvenating experience, washing away the weariness of daily life.

Peaceful villages for a wonderful spring trip

(TITC) - In addition to crowded and bustling tourist destinations, many tourists choose small villages to enjoy the feeling of peace and quiet.