Quang Binh cooperates with Hanoi, Da Nang to stimulate domestic tourism

Update: 01/06/2020
The Quang Binh provincial Department of Tourism, in collaboration with the Hanoi municipal Department of tourism and the Da Nang City Tourism Association, have held a conference on cooperation for local tourism.

At the conference, representatives from travel agencies and businesses discussed measures to stimulate tourism in Quang Binh province following the Covid-19 epidemic, including the promotion of destinations in the media and discounts on tickets to tourist attractions.

The tourism enterprises also introduced new preferential products and services to promote the potential and strengths of the province.

The provincial authorities have directed local tourism enterprises to change the structure of tourist markets, shift products serving international visitors to being designed for domestic tourists, and diversify tourism products at reasonable prices.

Representatives from airlines, railway and tourist vehicle businesses in Hanoi announced the stimulus policies together with attractive discounts.

Director of Quang Binh provincial Tourism Department Ho An Phong said that the conference will create further cooperation amongst travel and transport businesses, tourist attractions, accommodation, restaurants and services, aiming to attract more visitors to Quang Binh – a safe and unique destination.


Source: Nhan dan Online