The new tourism products bringing impressions and emotions for tourists

Update: 13/04/2021
(TITC) - After the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was under control in Viet Nam, tourism in the Ha Noi Capital and many provinces and cities flourished again. The new tour programs with tourist routes such as Ha Noi - Northwest, Ha Noi - Nam Dinh Province, exploring the land of Phu Tho with "Back to the roots - Sacred land of the ancestors" attracted many tourists.

Departure from the Ha Noi Capital and explore Northwest Region

For the first time, Vietnam National Museum of History cooperates with VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club, Ha Noi Travel Association to implement a tourism program that connects the heritage of the capital with other provinces and cities. This linkage model has created new vitality for the chain of cultural tourism products, contributing significantly to the effectiveness of the tourism demand stimulus program, warming the tourism market of Ha Noi and surrounding areas and also in whole country.

A caravan tour departing from the Vietnam National Museum of History to the Northwest provinces in last mid March by VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club, Ha Noi Travel Association brought to the excitement for tourism organizations and the tourists who take part the tour.

Before departure, visitors visit the National Museum of History, and then start journey to explore the cultural space of the Northwest regions including Son La, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, and Hoa Binh provinces. From the stories about thousands-of-year-old antiques at the museum, visitors can learn the story of the life of the ancient Viet in Xom Trai Cave (Hoa Binh Province), the historical story of Dien Bien Phu victory (Dien Bien Province), or stories about ethnic minorities together to build community-based tourism in high mountain villages. Especially taking part the tour, visitors have opportunity to experience driving themselves on the roads through Northwest provinces, explore spectacular landscapes and typical cultural values, participate many interesting activities with local people, enjoy folklore games and dance.

The northwestern caravan tour program "Bauhinia variegata season" organized by VGreen Club, Hanoi Travel Association and Vietnam National Museum of History offers many interesting activities, in which visitors can experience festival of prehistoric people.

According to Hanoimoi Newspaper, Mr. Nguyen Van Doan, director of the National Museum of History, appreciated this tourism product, and said that the cooperation between the two organizations had created new values ​​for tourism products, brought bring new vitality to cultural heritage sites, increased the attractiveness of tourism products and created two-way tourist flows for Ha Noi and other provinces and cities.

Spread new tourism products

Caravan tourism products are considered a new trend in the condition of tourism development and still ensuring safety against pandemic. After the caravan journey to explore the Northwest, VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club, Hanoi Travel Association continue to deploy this tourist type in many different roads.

In the early April 2021, VietFoot Tourism Company and members of the VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club launched a new tourism product "Exploiting Son Nam land" in Nam Dinh Province. Director of VietFoot Tourism Company Pham Duy Nghia said that this is the first time travel agencies have organized a large group to explore Nam Dinh tourism.

Located near Ninh Binh Province and 90 km south of Ha Noi, Nam Dinh having long history and culture, is known with different religions and beliefs, and owns great potentials for tourists to explore and experience.

Nam Dinh is well-known for the form of spiritual tourism at famous ancient temples and pagodas such as Co Le Pagoda, Keo Hanh Thien Pagoda, Day Temple, and Tran Temple. The area of ​​Hai Hau and Xuan Truong districts in the province has numbers of large and small churches with the classical architecture in unique gothic style. In which, there are many churches built elaborately and monumentally with dome design as in the West Europe, including Hung Nghia, Phu Nhai, Kien Lao, etc.

Besides, some other sites are interesting consist the tile-roof Bridge of Luong pagoda; Pham Phao bronze trumpet village, Hai Minh antique village, Dong Que (Country) Museum; community-based tourism experience with Ecohost.

The caravan tourism products with destination linkage from Ha Noi have brought efficiency to the capital's tourism, creating a new spirit for travel agencies after the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vice Chairman of VGreen Sustainable Tourism Club, Director of Pattours Tourism Company, Ms. Vu ​​Giang Bien said that travel agencies have deployed new products in tourist routes such as: Ha Noi – Northwest, Ha Noi - Nam Dinh, and tour "Back to the roots - Sacred land of the ancestors" exploring the land of Phu Tho.

The tourism market is more prosperous thanks to the active linkage between the provinces and cities. The cultural tourism products with new routes of discovery departing from Ha Noi have spread in many tourist areas, which create significantly effects for the activities to stimulate tourism demand, in order to soon restore the tourism market of Ha Noi as well as the whole country, attract domestic tourists and also international tourists as soon as possible.

Hung Nghia Church (in Nam Dinh Province) with classic domed gothic architecture like in Europe

Tourists visit the Pham Phao bronze trumpet village, and meet the family of artisan Nguyen Van Cuong who has a 70-year tradition of making brass

Tourists visit the Country Museum, an attractive cultural site, displaying many artifacts about life in Vietnamese countryside villages.


Source: TITC