German zoo keeper finds a new family

Elke Schwierz has enjoyed every moment at Cúc Phương National Park in northern Ninh Bình Province for the past 15 years. Waking up after good night’s sleep, the birds twitter in the trees welcoming fragile sunlight filtering through dense layers of leaves.

Homestay service offers more sustainable tourism

Eleven ethnic-minority households in the Hoàng Su Phì District of Hà Giang Province are operating an experimental home-stay service as part of a project to improve the livelihood of ethnic minorities.

Community tourism brings changes to mountainous area

Community-based tourism has brought many changes to the lives of residents in Da Bac district, one of the most disadvantaged localities in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh.

National park guide talks to the birds

No one guards and protects Bạch Mã National Park more zealously than the director of its service and environmental education centre who once hunted animals and cut down trees in the forest to earn a living. Today, Trương Cảm, the only person who can "talk" with more than 100 kinds of birds, spreads his love of the forest to younger generations.

Artisan strives to keep Khao melodies alive

Vàng Sín Phìn, a musical maestro from the northern province of Lào Cai, has dedicated himself to collecting musical instruments and preserving the folklore melodies of his people. Through painstaking study, Phìn has mastered the local musical instruments, ensuring that the mountainous music will be passed on to a new generation. Hồng Ninh and Cao Hương report.

Thoi Son residents do eco-tourism

Thoi Son Isle, also known as Lan or Unicorn Islet, is located in the lower section of the Tien River and is administrated by Thoi Son commune in Tien Giang province. The isle is a famous fruit growing area and a great destination for a weekend vacation.

New tourism law anticipated to promote community-based tourism

After more than ten years since implementation of the 2005 Tourism Law, the new 2017 Tourism Law has been officially approved with a range of new points, aiming at promoting tourism development and turning it into a spearhead economic sector.

Start-up in sustainable tourism

Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan, founder of the sustainable tourism project of Cultures Connect expects to make a closer connection between the local community and foreign visitors.

A hippy, happy homestay service

After graduating from college and working at a bar in Hội An, Phan Mai Thiện Tâm decided to start out on her own.Tâm, 24, got the idea to start a homestay service after going on trans-Việt Nam and trans-ASEAN bike trips.

Students create river side art space

A team called Architecture for Community (Kicodo club) from Đà Nẵng’s Architecture College has completed painting murals on a set of concrete stairs and manhole covers in Cẩm Lệ District in the central city.