Nam Du Archipelago: An inviting tourist attraction in Kien Giang

Nam Du Archipelago in is an inviting place for visitors to the southern province of Kien Giang. Anyone who has been there has been allured by the beauty of the pristine beaches, superb dining experiences, and hotels overlooking the windy sea at affordable prices.

Primeval rock pool in Quang Nam

In Tien Phuoc District, Quang Nam Province, Lo Thung rock pool consists of hundreds of stones in various shapes and sizes. Like many other national scenic spots worldwide, it also has an interesting legend.

Soya sauce – a delicacy of Hung Yen

‘Tuong Ban’ (Ban soya sauce) has been a delicacy of northern Vietnam since the end of the 19th century. It is a delicacy found in Ban Yen Nhan Ward in My Hao Town, Hung Yen province.

Attractive places to visit in Lang Son province

Phai Ve Flagpole, Chi Lang Pass, the Mac Dynasty Citadel, To Thi Mountain, and the Tam Thanh Grotto are some popular places to visit in the northern mountainous province of Lang Son.

Discovering God Cliff in Ha Giang

Located at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level, the God Cliff in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang is one of the places that attract many tourists.

Phu Quoc Pearl Island - an ideal place for reopening to international tourists

(TITC) - On September 10, the Prime Minister agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on a pilot plan to welcome international tourists to Phu Quoc (Kien Giang Province). The pearl island is considered an ideal place for reopening to international tourists after a long pause due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An amazing waterfall in Binh Phuoc

The cascade scenes in Dong Nai Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province, have remained pristine all the time.

Conquering Cao Bằng's winding Mẻ Pia Pass

While Việt Nam’s four famous great peaks of the northwest -- Mã Pì Lèng, Khau Phạ, Pha Đin and Ô Quy Hồ -- have long been marked out by backpackers as indispensable places to visit, they pose a challenge for even the most skilful of drivers.

Điên Biên's magnificent Khó Chua La Cave

A visit to northwestern Điên Biên Province is incomplete without seeing the unique pristine beauty of Khó Chua La Cave, in Pàng Dề A1 Village, Tủa Chùa District. It was a site we would be able to travel to shortly if pandemic restrictions were not in place.

Attractive destinations in Kien Giang Province’s Rach Gia City

Rach Gia City, a political, economic and cultural centre of the Mekong River Delta Province of Kien Giang, possess many cultural and historical relic sites and attractive destinations that are imbued with the cultural identities of the locality.