Blooming tree marigold in Da Lat

Update: 15/11/2021
Source: SGGP Online
As the heavy rain of November gradually kisses goodbye to each other, the streets of Dalat and its outskirts are dyed in a golden shade of tree marigolds.

As urbanization escalates at a rapid pace, the once prosperous shrubs of tree marigold in the city center slowly diminish. Only when visitors venture out into the outskirts can they truly immerse themselves in the glorious splendor of this wild flora.

Wild tree marigolds thrive with vigor on lands unexploited by humans. In Lam Dong, wild tree marigolds grow mostly in Da Lat and districts such as Lac Duong, Don Duong, Duc Trong, Lam Ha, Di Linh, among others.

By Doan Kien, Huu Vy - Translated by Tan Nghia