Sustainable development of community-based tourism in Xuan Son National Park

Xuan Son National Park in Tan Son district has an area of ​​more than 15,000 hectares, ranking the 12th among the 15 largest national parks in Vietnam. The park is considered a “green lung”, an attractive tourist destination located in the northwest of Phu Tho, with a forest cover of up to 84%, and a stable and well protected forest ecosystem. In recent years, the community-based tourism model in Xuan Son has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience.

Kien Giang Province farmers switch to cajuput

More farmers in Kien Giang Province’s Giong Rieng District have switched to growing cajuput trees on unproductive rice fields, fallow areas and lands with acid sulphate soil, optimal places for them to grow.

Son La develops medicinal herbs in association with community tourism

Developing medicinal herbs is a new direction to restructure high economic crops in the northern mountainous province of Son La. But in order to overcome difficulties in output for medicinal herbs, many experts believe that Son La needs to promote innovative start-ups in this field and develop the value chain of medicinal herbs in association with community tourism.

Tra Vinh Province focuses on developing nature-based tourism

The Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh is developing more nature-based tourism products and new-style rural areas to attract tourists and improve local incomes.

Vietnam needs to do more to sustainably develop sea and island tourism

Vietnam has succeeded in developing its sea and island tourism with attractive tourism products, leading to a rise in both domestic and international visitors. However, the rapid growth of the industry requires planning to ensure sustainable development in the future.

Ninh Binh protects biodiversity for sustainable future

Ninh Binh is blessed by nature with a wide range of beautiful natural landscapes and ecosystems. The province's forest area exceeds 29,000 hectares, making it the region's largest, exceeding the forests in neighbouring provinces in the Red River Delta.

Luscious lychees a big draw for Bac Giang tourists

The lychee harvest season arrives in July, and various travel agencies in and outside the northern province of Bac Giang have already planned tours for visitors to pick lychees at farms in the region.

Lotus and Dong Thap tourism brand

The lotus has long brought farmers in Dong Thap Province many agricultural values. Today, lotus is the product that creates the Dong Thap tourism brand, contributing to attracting millions of tourists to this land.

Businessman Nguyen Manh Than – Give in order to receive

With his mindset, "in order to positively affect society, innovation is always needed. In other words, we have to be willing to take the first steps despite having to face challenges and take risks. "Businessman Nguyen Manh Than does not follow the old paths. Instead, he chooses "new and bumpy roads" of his own to explore.

Preserving the Mekong Delta's floating markets

The Mekong Delta's famed floating markets, where local speciality produce is sold on boats, provide a unique scene that draws both local and foreign visitors.