Phinh Ho lake - the "pearl" of Mong Cai city (Quang Ninh)

Update: 03/07/2024
Source: Quang Ninh Online - - July 2nd, 2024
Phinh Ho lake is a large reservoir at Bac Son commune in Mong Cai city that few people know. With clear blue water and fresh air, this lake has a wild and majestic landscape which brings visitiors the sense of comfort during hot summer.

Phinh Ho lake is located at Bac Son commune, about 14 km from the center of Mong Cai city.

From above, Phinh Ho is embraced by the mountains. There are many beautiful and green small islands.

There are a range of lush plants and land islands with diverse shapes.

The lake water is clear and calm like a giant mirror imprinted with mountains and clouds.

The landscapes here look still unspoiled and peaceful. The lake is home to many kinds of animals.

By Hung Son