Hoa Bun blossoming brilliantly during late spring

Update: 23/03/2021
Source: VOV
Hoa Bun, scientifically named as Crateva religiosa, can be seen in full bloom in late spring ever year, serving to cover the banks of Kien Giang river in the central province of Quang Binh with an array of delicate white and yellow flowers.

An old tree can be found in Tuy Loc hamlet of Le Thuy district.

Originating from Japan and Australia, Hoa Bun has now become popular in Asia.

A photographer snaps an image of an old tree on the banks of Kien Giang river.

Bold white and yellow blossoms greatly contribute to brightening up the green landscape.

These bold flowers provide local people with a feeling of nostalgia during their childhood.

Hoa Bun is also closely linked to the Vietnamese people’s rural life in the countryside.

This corner of an old tree represents a great place in which to take wonderful photos.

Visitors can enjoy the pleasant aroma of the flowers. Indeed, when they are in bloom, the pistils are shaped similarly to noodles.

These stunning flowers, which feature white and yellow petals, are also widely known by their Vietnamese names of Bach Hoa and Man Man.

When in full bloom, the sight of Hoa Bun creates a romantic scene in rural areas.