Blossoming Hoa Giay flowers beautify Hanoi during summer

Update: 21/07/2021
Source: VOV
The streets of Hanoi have become even more beautiful in recent days thanks to the colourful emergence of the blossoming Hoa Giay, also known as great bougainvillea, which is an integral part of daily life for many of the capital’s residents.

Hoa Giay typically cover Hanoi with bright pink flowers every summer.

The flowers can be seen everywhere, including parks, schools, and homes.

Plenty of streets throughout the city appear beautiful as they are adorned with pink blossoms.

Scenes featuring pink blossoms serve to bring an impression of peace and romance to Hanoi.

Hoa Giay in full bloom are an eye-catching sight which pleases many locals.

Streets full of Hoa Giay tend to be ideal check-in spots for young people to enjoy.

Some corners are adorned full of Hoa Giay white blossoms, which quiver amid a gentle breeze.

The sight of the flowers helps to create a peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

The flowers can help to relieve locals under the current summer heat.