Vincom hosts stone sculpture exhibit showcasing contemporary local artists

Update: 18/10/2021
To showcase artwork by contemporary Vietnamese sculptors, the Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA) is collaborating with the Lương Art Space to host an exhibition. ‘Biến Chuyển’, which translates as 'Transforming', runs until January 2, 2022 and showcases diverse and significant contemporary artworks.

The exhibition introduces to the public 35 works from nine famous Vietnamese sculptors: Đào Châu Hải, Lê Thị Hiền, Khổng Đỗ Tuyền, Lê Lạng Lương, Lương Văn Việt, Trần An, Thái Nhật Minh, Lương Trịnh and Đào Tân.

The idea originates from Ninh Vân in Ninh Bình Province, where there is a long-standing traditional stone craft village.

Artists used pure stone material to create their pieces, colours and shapes according to their different styles and personalities. Some have broken with tradition to express contemporary ideas that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Unique stone sculptures at the exhibition ‘Biến Chuyển’ (Transforming). — Photo courtesy of

"The artistic evolution of ‘Biến Chuyển’ brings the collective minds of the sculptors towards the homeland, the origin, where many generations of elite artisans have created architectural and artistic works across the country,” sculptor Khổng Đỗ Tuyền shared.

Lương Xuân Đoàn, President of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, commented, “Vietnamese contemporary sculptures will continue to be different. The more different, the better and each artist is posing their own challenges. When I feel the new voices of artists through these works, it is they who are creating the energy that nourishes the hope of Vietnamese contemporary sculpture."

Exhibition ‘Biến Chuyển’ is open with free entry till January 2, 2022 at Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA), Royal City. 

As well as the exhibition, VCCA will organise art talks held by famous artists, experts and critics.

During the exhibition, VCCA will ensure the strict implementation of pandemic prevention and control activities, including: limiting the number of visitors, ensuring medical declarations are made, measuring body temperature at the entrance of Vincom Royal Shopping Centre, and requiring visitors to wear masks and keep their distance

Source: VNS