Heavenly dots connected as one

Update: 15/06/2022
Phu Quoc is actually an archipelago of 22 islands of all sizes. Given its prime location and appealing natural scenery, these smaller islets are indeed the dropping gems on the sapphire sea.

Mong Tay islet


Mong Tay islet is one of the finest gems of Phu Quoc. It entices tourist addicts with its unrivalled enchantment, pristine qualities and purity beyond any mortal measures. Here visitors can’t help but have their jaw drop at the heavenly islet of crystalline sapphire waters, stretchy white sands and rippling rows of coconut trees, which all contribute to its relaxing vibe and peace of mind. Its captivating nature aside, fingernail islet also allures big tourist influx with its exciting pursuits, from scuba diving to watch corals, admiration for unique marine ecosystem or touching kaleidoscopic coral reefs to the pursuit of fishing or squid fishing, or having the locals prepare your own snacks.

Thom islet. Photo: Truong Phuong Tram


Thom islet is comparably a dropping gem on earth with its enticing velvety white sands racing up to the sea, crystalline and cool waters and untouched perennial forests that exceptionally blend all the charm of the woods and the sea. Guests staying on Thom islet should also drop in neighboring waters of Nam beach, Chuong beach or Chao beach… Beside retreat fun, they should also seek after extreme sports on the beach and the sea, conquering delightful rapids or simply taking a close look at the rustic local lifestyle.


In the Northeast of the emerald island and near famed Thom islet, Mot islet is fit for adventurers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Mot islet prides itself in its glinting turquoise waters and diverse flora of primordial and beautifully shaped foliage. All are meant for a dreamlike glimpse of some lost wonderland to mesmerize any mortal being.

May Rut islet. Photo: Nguyen Xuan Quyen


May Rut islet is perched in the West of An Thoi bay. It’s one of the most far-off fractions of the archipelago of Phu Quoc. The islet is markedly impressive for its tranquil sunrise, enchanting scenes, velvety sands and sapphire waters around. The climate on May Rut islet is cool and moderate all year round, thus promising a heavenly getaway far away from shore for anyone. May Rut islet also boasts incredibly rich flora and fauna. Here, visitors should not miss out on fishing aboard a coracle and join the fishermen in preparing great snacks out of sea urchins, mussels, snails, groupers, herrings or gourahmis…  


Gam Ghi islet, also known as Dam Ngang islet, lies South of An Thoi town. Visitors may hire a boat from An Thoi harbor to reach Gam Ghi islet. On the way, they will be overwhelmed by the enchanting and glowing sea. What sets Gam Ghi islet apart is coral reefs stretching all around the vast waters and glinting under the sapphire water. It’s also the coral reef conservation spot in the South of the Emerald island of Phu Quoc. There are around Gam Ghi islet numerous rocks of amusing shapes that lie stalling the currents. Once waves slosh against the rocks, the scene is simply beyond compare. In addition to its iconic islets, the coastal city of Phu Quoc also boasts various facilities such as hi-end hotels and resorts, wildlife conservation centers, dizzying recreational hubs and many other pursuits awaiting you all to be engaged.  

Thao Lam

Source: Vietnam Today - vtr.org.vn - June 14, 2022