German Blog: Central Vietnam - the beauty should not be missed

Update: 23/06/2022
(TITC) - Earlier, a famous German blogger Miri llic had a post on her blog introducing the must-see scenic spots in Central Vietnam.

In her post, llic has listed beautiful and prominent places in the Central region of Vietnam. According to llic, a trip in this land combined with a relaxation at the beautiful beaches is extremely worthwhile.

Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province: Enjoy the peaceful beauty

Ancient citadel gate in Dong Hoi (Photo: quangbinhtourism)

Dong Hoi is the capital city of Quang Binh Province on the North Central Coast of Vietnam. This land radiates a peaceful and relaxing vibes with Nhat Le River and beautiful beaches in both north and south. Dong Hoi owns an airport. According to Miri, visitors should come here to enjoy this destination before Dong Hoi is on the tourist radar. Additionally, she further recommended a number of scenic spots in Dong Hoi, namely Tam Toa Church, which is located next to the river, Dong Hoi Ancient Citadel, etc.

The World’s largest cave, Son Doong - The magnificent wonder

The beauty of Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh Province, Central Vietnam (Photo: Oxalis Adventures)

The blogger wrote, Son Doong is an impressive cave in Quang Binh, north of Hue, considered the largest natural cave in the world. This is one of the most charming and dazzling sights in Southeast Asia.

This magnificent cave was discovered by a local in 1990. Oxalis Adventure is the only tour operator that is allowed to offer cave tours to tourists.

She noted, this adventure is not for people who have health problems since it involves plentiful of climbing. The main cave alone is more than 5km long, 200m high and 150m wide. Some stalagmites and stalactites are more than 80m high. In this huge cave, pearls, underground river veins, dry caves and various kinds of fish can be found.

Nearby, there are a few spectacular caves for adventurers to explore such as Thien Duong (Heaven) Cave and Tu Lan Cave.

Hai Van Cloudy Pass: The first majestic scenery

The winding coastal passes are the most iconic image of Hai Van Pass (Photo: Internet)

Without any hesitation, Miri was amazed by the charm of Hai Van Pass. This is the place where the cool climate of the North and the tropical climate of the South meet. At the top of the pass, sometimes the weather seems to have all four seasons in one day: early morning is autumn, midday is summer, late afternoon is spring, and night is winter. The pass is 20km long and nearly 500m high above sea level. From the highest, visitors can have a full panorama view of the majestic forest, mountains and poetic beach of the Central region. Hai Van Pass is also called the Cloudy Pass, based on white clouds that are usually covered at the top of the pass.

Da Nang City: The gathering of nature, culture and cuisine

The beauty scene of Da Nang (Photo: danangfantasticity)

The post mentioned the musing beauty of Da Nang, a largest city in Central Vietnam and is one of the economic centres of the region. There is a huge port, an airport and annual festivals. Da Nang City is located in the central area so visitors can easily visit monuments and landscapes such as My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town or Hai Van Cloudy Pass. The Museum of Cham Sculpture is another spot that cannot be missed, especially for visitors who love Cham culture from the 5th Century to the 15th Century. Da Nang is also a home of various kinds of street foods from across the country.

Not far from the city, there lines Bach Ma National Park with lakes, falls, forests and recreations and relaxation area in Ba Na, or Ngu Hanh Son, south of Da Nang - is a mystical place with Buddhist sanctuaries and caves.

Golden Bridge: Unique and attractive

The giant Golden Bridge in Central Vietnam (Photo: VNA)

Located near centre of Da Nang, Golden Bridge is totally deserved to be mentioned as one of the must-see attractions for tourists. About 30km from the city, visitors must go on a cable car to reach the bridge.

It was officially opened for the public in 2018, the highlight of this spot is its unique architecture with two hands handling the bridge. With a length of 150m at an altitude of 1400m above sea level, visitors can easily take beautiful photos here along with the breathtaking scenery.

Hoi An Ancient Town: The most beautiful city of Central Vietnam

A musing corner of Hoi An Ancient Town (Photo: TITC)

Blogger Miri llic affirmed that for visitors who have or have not been to Vietnam, most of them, in some way, know about Hoi An. The most iconic in this city are yellow old houses and a variety of lanterns. Each house in the ancient town hangs at least 1 or 2 colourful lanterns. Visitors often enjoy and immerse themselves in the ancient beauty of Hoi An by sipping drinks at cafes in the neighbourhood and taking beautiful pictures.

IIic introduced further some spots in Hoi An that visitors should pass by such as Japan bridge, lantern workshop, visitors will learn how to make pretty lanterns by themselves; cooking classes, where visitors would learn how to cook tasty dishes and have a quick glance into the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine. Besides, there is a Museum of Folklore, for those interested in traditional Vietnamese costumes and utensils; or Hoi An Night Market with a variety of products, from souvenirs to clothes, lanterns, etc.

My Son Sanctuary: Angkor Wat of Vietnam

Ancient temple-towers in My Son Sanctuary (Photo: TITC)

Expressing her understanding of culture and history, the blogger mentioned My Son Sanctuary, which is considered as Angkor Wat of Vietnam. For centuries, My Son held the most important role in Hinduism in the region. Temples were built according to the Cham culture and are famous for their elaborate reliefs on the architectural works. As a result, My Son was recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Hue: The ancient imperial citadel

Ngo Mon Gate, Hue (Photo: TITC)

One of the famous tourist spots in Central Vietnam is Hue. It was once a home and capital city of many emperors and was recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. Talking about Hue, Miri llic named many scenic spots. One of the places visitors should visit is the Capital Citadel in Hue. This place is extremely large with many monuments such as the Imperial Citadel, the tomb of the Nguyen emperors, Thai Hoa palace… In addition, tombs of emperors Tu Duc, Khai Dinh, Gia Long attract many visitors to come and enjoy the majestic beauty of this architecture.

On the journey exploring the hidden beauty of Hue, visitors can pass by Thien Mu Pagoda, it is famous for the Phuoc Duyen Tower with a unique Buddhist-style architecture. By night, visitors can hop on a dragon boat and listen to Hue Singing (Ca Hue) on the Perfume River or walking in the walking street is also an interesting experience. International visitors are especially interested in incense and conical hat factories. When they come here, they will definitely buy hats to use or as souvenirs, said Miri llic.

Stunning beaches in Central Vietnam

An Bang Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam (Photo: Quang Nam News)

Stretching between the south of Da Nang to Nha Trang is Tam Tien Beach. According to the blogger, this is an ideal place for a beach holiday in spring and summer. Combining a trip around the Central Region with a holiday at the beach is also an appropriate choice. Also well-known as the most beautiful beaches in the central region are Binh Minh, Non Nuoc, An Bang, Ha My and Tam Ky.