Korean Air restores direct flights to Da Nang

Update: 24/06/2022
(TITC) - Following the success of Routes Asia 2022, airline carriers have restored international flight routes to Da Nang. On 22nd June 2022, Korean Air, the biggest airline of Korea, restored direct flights from Incheon (Korea) to Da Nang.

The event “Welcome back to Da Nang Fantasticity 2022” to welcome back the first flight of Korean Air was organised by Da Nang City Department of Tourism coordinated with Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation joint stock company (AHT) from 9pm to 10.30pm at Da Nang International Airport.

The flight number KE9463, carrying more than 200 passengers, departing from Incheon International Airport at 6.40pm (Korea time) and landed at Da Nang International Airport at 9.25pm on 22nd June 2022.

Alongside with lifting restrictions on travel between the two countries Vietnam and Korea, Korean Air starts to operate charter flights with a frequency of 2 flights/week to Da Nang on Wednesdays and Saturdays to meet the increasing demand of tourists. The airline plans to operate regular flights from 27th July 2022 with a weekly frequency of 01 flight per day.

Korean Air is not only the biggest Korean airline in terms of the number of aircrafts and flight network but also the pioneer in operating new destinations. “Since 2021, Korean Air has been one of the first 2 Korean airlines operating flights to Da Nang and created a new breakthrough of the Korean tourist market, therefore, we believe that the return of Korean Air will beam a bright light to the recovery of the leading tourist market of Da Nang”, said Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh.

The number of international tourists coming to Da Nang started to grow after the success of Routes Asia 2022 and the restoration of international flights to Da Nang such as Malaysia Airlines, Air Seoul, BangKok Airway, etc. The total number of international flights to Da Nang after the reopening accounted for 286 flights with 35,000 passengers, in which 71 Korean flights carried more than 12,000 passengers to the city. According to AHT, it is expected that airline carriers will continue to re-operate international routes to Da Nang from July 2022:

Incheon (Korea) - Da Nang (Asiana Airlines will re-operate from 13th July 2022, Jeju Air will re-operate from 30th June 2022);

Busan (Korea) - Da Nang (Jin Air and Air Busan Airlines will re-operate from 29th June 2022, Vietjet Air operated from 20th July 2022);

Siem Reap (Cambodia) - Da Nang (Cambodia Angkor Air will re-operate from 1st July 2022);

Narita (Japan) - Da Nang, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Da Nang (Vietnam Airlines from 1st July 2022);

Hong Kong - Da Nang (Hong Kong Express Airways will re-operate on 31st July 2022);

CheongJu (Korea) - Da Nang (Tway Air will re-operate from 3rd August 2022);

Daegu (Korea) - Da Nang (Tway Air will re-operate from 3rd July 2022).

Mr. Chung Eui Seock - Representative of Korean Air in Da Nang said after the restoration of charter flights, we are planning to operate regular flights to Da Nang from 27th July 2022. Da Nang is an attractive destination for Korean visitors, therefore, we have a high hope that flights will be operated at maximum capacity. Korean Air, with 5-star flights, will bring passengers interesting and memorable journeys to Da Nang.

Flight KE9463 departing from Incheon at 6.40pm (Korea Time) and landing in Da Nang at 9.25pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The return flight from Da Nang to Incheon, number KE9464 will depart at 10.50pm and land at 5.30am on the next day (Korea Time).