Ho Chi Minh City: Puppet, circus shows for children open at Gia Dinh Park

Update: 28/06/2022
Phuong Nam Theatre is offering a series of new circus and puppet shows aimed at children at Gia Dinh Park in HCM City this summer.

ART EXPLAINED: Talks about Vietnamese puppetry are offered after every show by actors from Phuong Nam Theatre. Photo courtesy of the producer

These shows highlight southern history, culture and lifestyle. 

They have the themes of love, friendship, bravery, self-respect and honesty. 

The shows highlight the natural world and environmental protection, with messages to encourage children to work together to keep the world clean and green.

The performers meet and talk about their art to young audiences after every show. 

According to Phuong Nam Theatre's director Le Dien, his theatre spends around VND250 million (US$22,000) on each production.

 “We wanted to provide young audiences with quality performances with 3D light and sound effects,” he said. 

“Our puppeteers and circus artists have worked several hours a day to show off their skills in puppetry, music, dance and circus tricks. 

“Costume designers and theatre specialists have worked to offer beautiful clothes, accessories and interior designs suited to the artists’ character.”   

SUMMER FUN: Young actors of Phuong Nam Theatre, one of HCM City’s leading private theatres, offer new puppet and circus shows aimed at young audiences this summer.  Photo courtesy of the producer

In July, two water puppet plays called Trau Vang Nghinh Tiep (Golden Buffalo) and Ca Chep Hoa Rong (Carps Turn into Dragons), will be staged. 

The shows feature stories and characters based on Vietnamese fairy tales. They were first released last season and left a very strong impression on children and their parents. 

“Water puppetry has been performed on a stage in a pool of water for about 1,000 years in Viet Nam,” said Dien, a puppeteer who has more than 20 years of experience in the art. 

“Phuong Nam actors use colourful puppets made of wood, controlled from the chamber next to the stage by strings and underwater nests, to tell stories about life and love,” he said.

Phuong Nam Theatre’s shows are staged at Gia Dinh Park on Hoang Minh Giam Street, Go Vap District, at 8pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday this month and in July. 

Tickets are available at the theatre’s box office. 

Source: VNS - vietnamnews.vn - June 28, 2022