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Update: 22/07/2022
Wanting to try seafood in different regions has always been one of the top reasons why people travel so much nowadays. In the South of Viet Nam, there are countless famous dishes for visitors to try and enjoy, which will surely give them an unforgettable impression.

Sea tuna eye of Phu Yen


Speaking of Phu Yen, it is impossible not to mention the sea tuna eye specialty. Being a highly nutritious seafood, tuna is a great source of nutrition and is made into various dishes. In particular, the locals have created a tuna-eye stew with Chinese traditional medicine herbs. The tuna eyes are usually stewed in small pots with some herbs such as Chinese jujube, Wolfberry, and some spices like onion, garlic, and pepper... The result is a very delicious and nutritious dish for the guests to enjoy. With a distinctive taste, in 2014, sea tuna eye was voted by the Vietnam Record Association to be in the top 10 most famous seafood specialties in Vietnam.

Khọt cake of Vung Tau


Coming to Vung Tau, one of the dishes that visitors must try is khọt cake. Here, there are many famous spots to get khọt cake, such as: Co Ba Vung Tau, Banh Khot Ba Hai, Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua,... The main ingredients of the dish are flour and shrimp. To add to the appeal, the cake is also decorated with red and yellow shades.

While enjoying the khọt cake, guests will feel the crispness of the flour mixed with the shrimp meat, combined with the amazing aroma of onion and fat. Add some savory vegetables and a sweet and sour spicy sauce and what you have is an unforgettable dish.


The Thanh Phu district of Ben Tre city borders the East Sea with a long coast. Hence, seafood in this area has many unique features and values.

Thanh Phu crab is known for its top quality, with quite a large size, rich in crab roe, crispy meat, and an overall taste that is very good. Coming to Thanh Phu, visitors must definitely try eating hot pot with crabs and lots of vegetables, creating a very sweet and tasty soup.

Phu Quoc's herring salad


One of the dishes that helped building Kien Giang's culinary brand is Phu Quoc’s herring salad. The herring used for the dish must be fresh to ensure its natural flavor after the making process. After the cleaning process, the herring will be sliced and mixed with onions, basil, or Phu Quoc wild vegetables, depending on the recipe of different diner.

The sauce play a crucial role in the making of Phu Quoc’s herring salad. Phu Quoc fish sauce will be mixed with lemon juice, added with a little sugar, garlic, pepper... to create a very tasty bowl of sauce. The sauce the will be spread evenly on the lettuce, eggplant, and basil... on the surface of the rice paper, then a layer on the freshly scented fish. The mixture the will be rolled and then enjoy with the sauce. When enjoying the dish, guests will taste the famous sweetness of Phu Quoc herring salad.

Thanh Tung

Source: Vietnam Today - - July 20, 2022