Five most beautiful villages nationwide

Update: 12/08/2022
Leaving the busy streets of cities to go to towns with pristine beauty allows travelers the chance to experience peaceful moments once they visit the five following beautiful villages.

Cu Lan village

Cu Lan village

Cu Lan is a peaceful village belonging to the K’Ho ethnicity in Lam Dong province.

The area is named after a local plant species which flourishes between rows of pine trees. Cu Lan is also the Vietnamese word for a sloth which resides near the village.  

The village is nestled in a forest located at the foot of Lang Biang mountain in Lac Duong district, 20km from Da Lat. Here, the K'ho, who are one of the 54 ethnic groups in the nation, live in stilt houses that lean against the steep slope.

Cu Lan village offers numerous activities, including kite flying, hiking, boat rowing, fishing, picnicking, folk games, and gong performances.

Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne fishing village

With a coastline exceeding one km, Mui Ne fishing village’s beach is always a peaceful site with calm waves all-year-round, becoming a perfect shelter for both boats and ships.

Visiting the village at the break of dawn, visitors can admire a very bustling atmosphere as fishing vessels return from their late fishing trips.

They will also have chance to experience the lives of local fishermen’s lives and sample delicious fresh seafood at attractive prices.

Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh Mural Village

A large group of volunteers from the Republic of Korea (RoK) used their artistic talents to transform Tam Thanh fishing village in the central province of Quang Nam into the first mural village in the nation.

In total, 11 artists and volunteers from the RoK, along with many local students, gave the walls of 100 houses a facelift. Overall, there are more than 70 paintings reflecting the lives of the local people, as well as the friendship between the peoples of both nations.

In recent times the village has increasingly become a popular tourist destination.

Ancient village of Duong Lam

Duong Lam village

Located along the Red River, Duong Lam village is very old and has mossy tiled roofs, unique laterite walls, old wells, and communal houses, taking visitors back to the beautiful northern villages of the past.

Located 50 km away from Hanoi, Duong Lam is considered to be the oldest village in northern Vietnam. Most notably, there are still 900 traditional houses dating back from the 16th century which can be found in the village.

The village has a closed structure with a main road, from which streets reach all corners of the village.

Surrounding the village is a system of ponds which contributes to create romantic scenery. On sunny days, the pond system serves as the air conditioning of the village.

Po Mu village

Po Mu village

Located in in the middle of the mountains and hills in Ngoc Chien commune of Muong La district in Son La province, Po Mu is a fairy-tale village that makes for a truly magical getaway.

To get to the village, tourists must first overcome the winding roads and high mountains. Notably, all houses in the village are made from precious Po Mu wood.

Source: VOV - - August 10, 2022