Foreign writer reveals how to find delicious street food in Vietnam

Update: 06/09/2022
Canadian writer Matthew Pike of Culture Trip has published an article sharing his experience of discovering delicious street food in Vietnam.

Foreign visitors try street food in Vietnam (Photo: Kenh14)

According to the writer, Vietnam boasts one of the best street food cultures in the world.

“The people here need quick, cheap and tasty meals so they can get on with their busy day,” he said.

The Canadian writer also suggested that visitors seek out places where locals such as business people, students, or their neighbours are eating.

“Reputation means everything in Vietnam, and word travels fast if there’s any street food spot that isn’t safe. If there are locals eating there, then you’re good,” the writer noted.

He added that many of the food carts visitors see along the streets of Vietnam are owned and operated by a nearby restaurant.

“These restaurants are usually family owned, which means they’ve probably been in business for a long time. If they’ve been around for a long time, that means they make good, affordable food,” the Culture Trip writer stressed.

Pike went on to reveal that as a general rule, if visitors can’t see fresh ingredients then they should reconsider eating there.

“Thankfully, the vast majority of places in Vietnam all have their ingredients out on display. Have a look to see if anything makes you feel uneasy. Some places leave their food out for days, so keep an eye out for freshness,” he shared.

The writer also advised visitors to ask locals in order to get some recommendations on where to eat.

Most importantly, Pike said that the visitors really should try to stick to places where the food is made out in the open. Indeed, the majority of street food dishes in Vietnam don’t take long to make, aside from broth and meats, both of which are cooked beforehand.

“And above all else, trust your eyes,” he concluded.

Source: VOV - - August 31, 2022