Have yourself a wonderful 48 hours in Ho Chi Minh City

Update: 22/09/2022
(TITC) - Ho Chi Minh City, a “sleepless” city of Vietnam is gorgeous in its way despite being at night or in day times. From edgy bars to retro subterranean bunkers, brightly lighted skyscrapers, bustling and busy streets. There is plenty to discover in vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Following Brett Atkinson, an editor of New Zealand NzHerald on a 48-hour trip to enjoy the full beauty of prosperous Saigon.

Day 1


Kick off the day with a cup of local coffee and an omelette banh mi - a hearty local dish combining a warm baguette with fried eggs and pate.


Taking a 2km motorbike ride to the War Remnants Museum to start off the trip. Here displays documents, images and artefacts about the Vietnamese people's resistance war and posters against the war of many countries around the world.


After a visit to the museum, it’s time for lunch, enjoy a full vegetarian course with refreshing papaya and pomelo salads and mushroom and banana flower curries, mango and sticky rice as dessert.


The Reunification Palace is the next destination to spend the day. The building was designed in the retro style of the 1960s, showing the talent and ingenuity of architects as well as builders. It has more than 100 rooms decorated to suit each use, including The Chamber, The room for referring credentials, Strategic Operations Department room, the ballroom, the Residence of the Presidential family, the movie room, the reading room and many more.


Treat yourself some sweets at the Artisan chocolate - a craft from local fair-trade cacao at Maison Saigon Marou.


Ho Chi Minh City is also one of Asia's best destinations for travelling craft beer fans, affirmed Brett Atkinson. There are quite a few famous draft beer factories and can satisfy all customers. A glass of beer takes the stress of the day away.


A stylish bistro enlivened with heritage Indochinese design and serving food inspired by the robust cuisine of northern Vietnam would be a perfect ideal to enjoy dinners.

Day 2


Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Give a peaceful moment at interesting, unique cafes of Saigon in the old apartment complex along the pedestrians-only Nguyen Hue Boulevard.


After stuffing the stomach, how about a nice walk around the leafy Da Kao neighbourhood, home to many beautiful buildings dating from Vietnam's French colonial period. Then, pay a visit to the Jade Emperor Pagoda featuring superb wood carvings and fantastical statues of Taoist deities, while the city's excellent History Museum is housed in a 1929 mansion blending Chinese and French styles.


It’s lunch time, wrapping up a Banh Xeo - a Vietnamese egg pancakes crammed with pork and shrimp or a hearty bowl of pho bo (beef noodle soup) with an overflowing plate of fresh herbs, gio chao quay (Chinese-style fried bread) and cha lua (pork sausage).


On the way back, check out two of Ho Chi Minh City's most loved French colonial buildings. Notre Dame Cathedral is the most favourite Wedding photography shoot, nearby is the Central Post Office was built around a decade later.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Photo: TITC)


Ho Chi Minh City is at its most exciting after dark, especially when coursing through neon-lit streets on the back of a Vespa scooter. Spend out 4-5 hours to experience Saigon by night, enjoy street food, craft beer and immerse yourself in live music.

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