Phu Tho: Mao Pho communal house - a national cultural heritage

Update: 28/09/2022
Mao Pho communal house in Luong Lo commune, Thanh Ba district, Phu Tho province worships the Holy Mother Trung Hoa and her three sons who are honored as three saints.

The Holy Mother, the 17th Hung King"s concubine, gave birth to three generals who fought against the Thuc invaders and also accomplished many other outstanding feats. They gathered people to build hamlets and a cultivate area: Mao Pho and Ha Mao in Phu Tho town.

Mao Pho communal house was constructed during the Later Le Dynasty and has a two-part architectural scale. The communal house and the temple are situated on a sizable, level plot of ground with a stunning natural backdrop that faces the east and the Thao River. There are still a lot of priceless antiques in the temple that are masterpieces of wood carving from the 18th and 19th centuries. Every year, the residents hold celebrations with rituals, palanquin processions and unique folk games. Mao Pho was recognized as National Historical and Cultural Relic in December 1992 due to its historical and cultural significance.

Mr. Le Ngoc Thuc, Chairman of the People“s Committee of Luong Lo Commune said: Mao Pho communal house has been severely damaged by long-term construction and has been in need of renovation and embellishment. Mao Pho Temple has been renovated beginning at the end of 2021 with the support of the Provincial People”s Committee, the entire local people and benefactors. By September 2022, the work has been finished and become more spacious, majestic, worthy of the inherent historical value while also guaranteeing to meet the needs of the community"s religion.

Among 19 artifacts are presently listed as historical and cultural treasures in Thanh Ba, Mao Pho Communal House (Luong Lo Commune) and the Du Yen Temple (Chi Tien Commune) are two national-level cultural and historical relic.

Delegates cut the ribbon at Mao Pho communal house"s renovation.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh, Chairman of Thanh Ba District People"s Committee said: Thanh Ba district has consistently paid attention to and performed well in statistics, collection, research, and preservation of cultural heritages in the district, planning, and gradually restoring traditional folk festivals. The importance of traditional education for all social strata, especially young people, has been well-promoted by cultural and historical relics, particularly those of Mao Pho and the district as a whole. Teaching youngsters about the amazing accomplishments of the people who constructed and protected the country throughout its history. In addition, this is a location where tourists may appreciate the aesthetic, historical, and cultural aspects as well as pay respect to the ancestors.

Vinh Ha

Source: Phu Tho Newspaper - - September 21, 2022