Development of eco-tourism in Cam Thanh (Quang Nam)

Update: 22/11/2022
Eco-tourism is one of the best way for the economic development in Cam Thanh commune (Hoi An city) associated with the conservation of Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An World Biosphere Reserve.

A fisherman on the river

Cam Thanh has made its typical tourism products new to be attractive to visitors.

The agricultural and fishery food market has recently been held successfully in Vong Nhi village (Cam Thanh comme), attracting hundreds of foreign visitors.

Visitors were interested in and impressed by the event. The market took place in a space of Hoi An ancient architectures and unique traditional customs. It was on the paddy field with small roads, bumpy bamboo bridges, and yellow straw on them.

From the market, visitors could see fishermen on the river and farmers on the field, and listen to their singing. All of them made a beautiful picture of Hoi An ancient food market, contributing to Hoi An tourism promotion.

Experiencing tourism in rural areas is especially popular with foreigners, especially Westerners. Cam Thanh has potential for eco-tourism development thanks to its nipa palm forest, river system, fields and islets.

A new tourism product in Cam Thanh

Besides, Cam Thanh owns approximately 20 tourist attractions that can be divided into three groups: history and culture, geography and landscapes, ecology and biology. They are also attractive to visitors.

The development of tourism is very significant for the local community, contributing to bettering the locals’ life. Furthermore, it helps to build and upgrade the local infrastructure, preserve the heritages and relics there.

Source: Quang Nam News - - November 21, 2022