Hanoi craft village tourism

Update: 30/11/2022
Ha Noi is famous for many traditional craft villages. Each craft village has its own characteristics. If you are planning to visit and learn about cultural and artistic values ​​and buy ethnic souvenirs, Ha Noi's traditional craft villages are the great choice for you.

Bat Trang ceramic products are trusted by many people. Photo: Nguyen Dang Lam

Bat Trang pottery village

Located in Gia Lam district, about 14km from Ha Noi city center, Bat Trang pottery village is a famous tourist destination with pottery products. Coming to Bat Trang, visitors will be extremely excited to see the coal drying walls and ceramic products displayed throughout the village. Bat Trang ceramic products such as vases, plant pots, wind chimes, teapots, wall paintings... are trusted by many people because of the quality of raw materials and the technique of making blue glaze and the delicate drawings...

Van Phuc silk village. Photo: Nguyen Tung Duong

Van Phuc silk village

Van Phuc silk village is located about 10km from the center of Ha Noi, is a beautiful silk weaving village that has been famous throughout the country for long time. Silk here used to be chosen to make clothes for the court. Van Phuc silk products are quite diverse. The special feature of traditional silk sheets is that they are woven from natural silk materials that are soft, smoothy and sophisticated.

Thach Xa bamboo dragonfly village

Thach Xa village, located at the foot of Tay Phuong mountain in Thach That district, is not only known for its specialty chè lam but also for its unique craft of making bamboo dragonflies. Visitors can come here to admire the dragonflies made from wild bamboo with unique drawings. The process of making the product is very sophisticated, from choosing materials to bamboo hooves to ensure balance, helping dragonflies stand balanced on their hands. In addition, this place also offers more products such as bamboo butterflies, night lights, bamboo decorative lights...

Many bamboo and rattan products of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan village have been exported to foreign markets. Photo: Bui Thai Hai

Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan village

Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan village in Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district, is one of the few old bamboo and rattan craft villages near Ha Noi that has survived to this day. To make quality products, the artisans of Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo village need the ingenuity, meticulousness from the selection and processing of raw materials, the creation of finished products and the preservation against termites. Many bamboo and rattan products of the village have been exported to foreign markets such as rattan baskets, furniture, decorations, bags, curtains...

Products of Quat Dong hand-embroidered craft village are applied in garment, wall painting, curtain making, screen.... Photo: Pham Quang Thanh

Quat Dong hand-embroidered craft village

Quat Dong hand-embroidered craft village is located in Quat Dong commune, Thuong Tin district. The workers in Quat Dong hand-embroidery village are all artisans with many years of experience, and the previous generation passed it on to the next generation with the desire to continue the traditional craft of the homeland. Products of Quat Dong hand-embroidered craft village are applied in garment, wall painting, curtain making, screen... with familiar motifs such as peony, chrysanthemum, crane, apricot flower..., familiar animals such as chickens, ducks... and people's daily life scenes such as rice harvesting, transplanting... The products are sold domestically and exported to foreign countries, loved and appreciated by many customers.

Chuong hat village. Photo: Nguyen Van Dung

Chuong Hat village

Chuong village is located on the Day river, more than 30km from the center of Ha Noi, in Thanh Oai district, is a famous craft village in the country with a long tradition of making hats. In the past, Chuong village produced many types of hats, used for many classes such as three-level hats for girls, conical hats, long hats, conical hats, conical hats for boys and luxurious men. Another type of traditional hat of Chuong village is the old conical hat. This is a type of hat that has existed for a long time at the same time as the sports strap hat. This type of hat is very sturdy, so it can be used for rain or shine with people in the field with many different uses. Today, Chuong village both produces and supplies many other creative and applied hats such as sport hats, multicolored silk hats; conical lantern for home decoration and street decoration...

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Source: Vietnam Today - vtr.org.vn - November 16, 2022