Long Coc tea hills - A lush green amid in Phu Tho Province

Update: 15/03/2023
(TITC) - Located in Long Coc Commune, Tan Son District, Phu Tho Province, about 125 kilometres from Ha Noi to the west, Long Coc is the ideal weekend picnic place for relaxing, refreshing and amidst nature.

With an area of up to 677 hectares tea hills, of which the tea plantation area for harvesting is about 610 hectares, Long Coc is a “freshman” tourist destination of Phu Tho Province. Here, visitors would be mesmerised by its poetic beauty with lush green tea plants, cool ponds dotting around spreading their green to heaven’s rim.

Take your time and have a short trek to the top of tea hills to know how pure and pristine the natural scenery is here. A reward for those who put their efforts to reach the hill will be a cup of hot tea, enjoy the tea aroma running in your nose’s tip while admiring the beauty of Long Coc.

With natural beauty, mild climate and under human hands, Long Coc is a destination that you can visit at any time of the year. The best time should be from March to December, when the tea trees grow green, covering up a large area of hills turning into vibrant green carpets. From December onwards is the time of "hibernation" of tea trees, tea hills become diverse with strange lines and shapes, nagging the imagination of each visitor.

Early birds will fall head over heels since Long Coc in dawn is stupefying, especially in the summer. At that time, the whole hills turn misty, lying in the mist, crept a little sunshine at the beginning of the day. The surroundings turn strangely beautiful and peaceful.

As the season changes, from Autumn to Winter, the fog embraces the hills densely, creating a poetic and magical scene. By the time of winter, the clouds in the sky rushed to blend with the fog to cover the path, making a stair to heaven.

Whether you are coming for a weekend escape, to get away from the hustle and bustle of life or simply to have a photoshoot to impress friends, Long Coc tea hills are there for you to enjoy, relax and explore.

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