The rising of Wellness Tourism in Thua Thien Hue

Update: 27/03/2023
(TITC) - The existing potential has now given advantages to Thua Thien Hue Province to develop the Wellness Tourism, which promises to open up many opportunities to attract visitors to the ancient capital land.

The healing land for body - heart - mind

Post the Covid-19, the type of wellness in the tourism industry receives more attention. According to The Global Wellness Institute, by the end of 2022, the total revenue in the wellness tourism segment was estimated at USD 919 billion, accounting for 18% of the world tourism market share.

Thua Thien Hue Province (Central Vietnam) welcomes the trend of wellness tourism with the advantage of owning countless scenic spots such as Bach Ma National Park, Lang Co Bay, Canh Duong, Thuan An, Vinh Thanh beaches,… blowing a cool, fresh air to heal body - heart - mind.

Hue is also famous for seven hot mineral water sources, two of which have been developed, forming a resort, suitable for "Hydrotherapy" methods (Photo: Kawara Mỹ An Onsen Resort)

This land has a long tradition of medicine, with reputed doctors and herbs associated with the ancient royal court and the Nguyen Dynasty's royal health care. Hue also has a system of hospitals with modern infrastructure and facilities.

In order to develop wellness tourism, Thua Thien Hue Province has issued an action plan to build Hue into one of the major tourism and medical-intensive centres of Southeast Asia. Wellness tourism will play a role as an image and brand builder for provincial tourism.

Wellness tourism with unique and attractive products

Keeping up with the changing of the market, Hue Central Hospital (HCH) and the provincial Department of Tourism joined hands to build programmes that combine wellness with vacation tourism for visitors. Coming to Hue, visitors can relax in a tranquil area, connect with nature at resorts, high-end hotels or experience Eastern medicine examination and treatment services at central hotels.

Spotting the newest trends, keeping the whole business philosophy for the sake of humanity, taking people as the centre of development, BB Group chose My An (Thua Thien Hue) to develop the model of resort complex associated with premium health care with My An hot mineral source rich in minerals.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort - a place with premium health care therapy (Photo: Kawara My An Onsen Resort)

Kawara My An Onsen Resort located in Phu Vang District, about 8km from Hue centre to the east. With the natural hot temperature when mining in the open air is 52 degrees Celsius, the temperature when returning to the tank is 42 degrees Celsius, My An hot mineral has conditions to develop Onsen baths.  The harmony between the meditative garden architecture style typical of Japanese country and the ancient features of Hue capital helps Kawara My An Onsen Resort attract a large number of visitors. Here, visitors will enjoy treatments such as Japanese standard 9-step Onsen bath, Ganban sauna system with Ganbanyoku stone sauna, Himalayan rock salt, relaxing IKI essential oil and snow sauna. This can bring smooth skin, stress relief, and health restoration at the end of the treatment.

Another well-known hot spring place to experience near Hue is Alba Thanh Tan Hot Spring located in Phong Dien District, about 30km from Hue to the northwest. Alba Thanh Tan is a famous resort destination that visitors should not miss when travel to Hue. Visitors can enjoy the relax sensation, comfortable with spa treatments. Not only having an immense resort complex, Thanh Tan tourist area also attracts adventurous travellers with outdoor sports games such as balancing on a cable (Highwire), freestyle swinging (Zipline), games water play, picnic fishing,…

Outdoor bathing space at Alba Thanh Tan. Photo: thanhtanhotsprings

Cosy ambience atmosphere in Alba Thanh Tan (Photo: thanhtanhotsprings)

A ideal world for adventurous lovers (Photo: thanhtanhotsprings)

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