Quang Nam, Vietnam in top 4 Asia sustainable destinations for Travel Green List

Update: 12/04/2023
(TITC) - Wanderlust (the UK) gave out their top 4 sustainable destinations in Asia in their Travel Green List. Quang Nam Province (Vietnam) is named in the list.

Hoi An Ancient Town (Quang Nam) (Photo: Collection)

Quang Nam, a province in central Vietnam, a home of the two UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites: Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary, is now putting local businesses at the heart of tourism, proving sustainability starts at home.

Visitors to this central province of Vietnam will be amazed by its eco-friendly sights. Eco-tourism is blooming in this wonderland. Hoi An Kayak Tours are developed to serve visitors on a paddle through Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest by iconic basket boats, or navigating fishing boats and stilt villages at Cua Dai, An Bang and Cham Island.

Beside ecotourism products, in town, people produce eco-friendly travel necessities, from shampoo to bamboo toothbrushes and sell them at good prices. Zero-waste restaurants use wild and organic local produce from vegetable villages like Tra Que, to create rustic dishes. Villas and homestays established in the countryside area of Quang Nam attract many visitors to come, stay and spend the night among the blossom trees, and live the life with reducing the need for plastic use.

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