An Phu Farm - ideal venue to experience tourism combined with clean agricultural production

Update: 28/06/2023
As one of the two models approved by the Hoa Vang District People's Committee for exploiting tourism services in combination with agricultural, forestry and aquaculture development on a trial basis, the An Phu Farm in Hoa Phu Commune has been very attractive to visitors who want to experience the growing of organic vegetables and fruit trees, and caring for livestock.

The An Phu Farm is seen from above. Photo: H.L

Covering an area of over 18,000m2, the An Phu Farm is a livestock and organic agricultural production farm, aiming to create a source of products for a system of namesake stores.

After being included in the pilot list by the Hoa Vang District People's Committee for supporting the exploitation of tourism services in combination with clean agriculture development, the An Phu Farm has invested in check-in areas, rest stops, and accommodation and drinking and eating services.

After more than one month of pilot operation, the An Phu Farm has welcomed many delegations to visit and experience.

Mr. Duong Hien Tu, the investor of the An Phu Farm model, affirmed that the unit will continue to improve facilities, infrastructure and sanitary areas in order to meet the increasing needs of tourists, and at the same time, decorate more check-in points with flowers and ornamental plants.

The An Phu Farm boasts a great advantage of large and fertile area, and well-developed crops, suitable for school pupils to have fun and experience as a farmer.

Currently, the cultivation and care of vegetables and animals at the An Phu Farm is based on organic methods.

The exploitation of tourism is based on nature and limits concrete works causing environmental pollution on agricultural land.

Coming to this farm, visitors can manually grow, care for and harvest leafy vegetables such as water spinach, amaranth, sweet potato, cilantro and perilla, as well as take care of chickens, ducks, goats and rabbits and enjoy tasty dishes.

Especially, visitors are encouraged by the farm investor to use environmentally friendly products and say no to plastic bags.

Reporting by Huynh Le - Translating by M.Dung

Source: Da Nang Today - - June 26, 2023