Sa Pa launches new cultural tourism products: "Rendezvous" and "Dancing under the moon"

Update: 22/09/2023
(TITC) - Within the framework of anniversary of 120-year Sa Pa tourism, Sa Pa Town People's Committee launches new cultural tourism products: "Rendezvous" and "Dancing under the moon" extracted from the play "Whispering in the Mist and Clouds". These shows are performed by ethnic minorities in Sa Pa together profesional actors and artists.

The show program is formed in order to preserve and promote traditional cultural values, creating jobs and income for the community. The shows also bring present new, strange and attractive experiences to visitors. The main content includes 2 real-life shows:


It is the meeting and love place of ethnic minority communities, typically the Mong and Red Dao people in Sa Pa.

Previously, ethnic minorities mainly lived scattered in high mountains, with difficult transportation. The market is held once a week on Sunday. Therefore, people often arrange to go ahead on Saturday to prepare for the market early the next morning.

Meeting every Saturday night takes place very naturally in the community, becoming a unique and lively cultural activity. They meet to share joys and sorrows, express their love, then dance and sing together...

"Rendezvous" is also a place to weave love between couples, a place to confess and share sincerely between the old and the young... Sadness is relieved, joy and happiness are multiplied, becoming a magical vitality in the place of misty clouds.

But that traditional cultural beauty is at high risk of disappearing and needs to be preserved. Therefore, "Rendezvous" will faithfully recreate some of those unique traditional cultural activities.

In the cool, poetic atmosphere, there will be brocade colors hidden in the clouds, the sound of leaf trumpets, and lip instruments like melodious forest music in rhythm with the rustic love words "Gau Plenh" of the Mong people, “Pao Dung” of the Dao people…

"Dancing under the moon"

The dances crystallized from the intense rhythm of life of the ethnic community in Sa Pa, originating from the cultural life, beliefs, customs, festivals, creating endogenous strength, connecting the community.

The sounds of leaf trumpets, lip lutes, and bells vibrating gently respond to the low, high-pitched sounds of flutes... The colors of brocade blend in the mountains and forests instead of words: "The wide forest attracts many animals – Large house attracts many guests”…

The dances depicting the unique culture of the ethnic community in Sa Pa will be enhanced by a traditional music combined with stage installation art, and lighting...

The mystery of the "Van Phu" dance of the priest; The beauty of the soul and the unique beauty of the bride's outfit; The spirit of optimism in life is vividly expressed through dances and melodies from the sounds of horns, pi le trumpets, drums, and bells of the Dao people.

The flute dances, the stick dances, the melodious, clicking sounds, the steps like going up a waterfall and down a mountain pass, strong and flexible... exuding the sophistication and strong personality of the Mong people living in the high mountains.

From the legend of the sound of the nose flute, the Xa Pho people always preserve, today, the flute melodious like the sound of the heart still lasts through the years. The sound of the flute harmonizes with the sound of the pestle pounding rice, bursting and banging as if giving strength to the Xa Pho people to build a peaceful and happy village.

Master Then sings and dances according to the traditional Then ritual in a passionate and mysterious way. The graceful dance in the rhythm of the instrument... reflects the beauty of the Tay people's spiritual cultural life and love for their homeland.

The fan dance in traditional costumes of Giay ethnic girls is like birds flying in floating clouds and mountains, expressing the desire for freedom and the spirit of overcoming difficulties to build a prosperous life.

The ending is the Dance of Joy: the folk dances of 5 ethnic minority groups (Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho) mixed with the sound of forest music and choral singing of many children. It creates an atmosphere of solidarity, joining hands to preserve culture, and enthusiastically working in production. Opening our arms to welcome friends near and far to the land with Fansipan peak (roof of Indochina), known as "the meeting place of heaven and earth".

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