A green tourism route Ha Noi - Ninh Binh on plan

Update: 26/03/2024
(TITC) - The Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) is actively implementing the project "Reducing plastic waste in the tourism sector in Vietnam", with the introduction of the Criteria for minimising plastic waste, building an application (app) on plastic waste management at businesses and forming green tourism routes.

On 25th March 2024, in Ninh Binh, Vietnam Tourism Association organised a training workshop on Minimising plastic waste in the tourism sector associated with building green tourism products. According to Mr. Vu The Binh - Chairman of the VITA, tourism is a field sensitive to environmental issues, so the tourism industry needs to be ahead in the green transition process. Since then, Vietnam's green tourism products can be soon launched into the international market and contribute to enhancing the position of Vietnam tourism.

Environmental protection is highly important for tourism development, so Vietnam's tourism industry aims to have a green transformation for sustainable development. This is a common trend of many destinations around the world. Hence, Ninh Binh can also strive to become one of the green tourism centres of Vietnam, said Mr. Vu The Binh.

Training workshop on Minimising plastic waste in the tourism sector associated with building green tourism products (Photo: VOV)

According to Mr. Vu The Binh, in Vietnam, there have been a number of destinations in Ninh Binh, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh... and many tourism businesses have proactively transformed green in travel, accommodation, restaurant activities… Notably, Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort (Quang Nam) has officially announced that the hotel no longer has plastic waste released into the environment and no more single-use plastic items.

At the event, the VITA introduces a set of Criteria for minimising plastic waste at tourism businesses, to guide tourism service businesses and tourist destinations to voluntarily participate in reducing plastic waste. An application (app) on mobile devices for plastic waste management at businesses has been also built.

Mr. Phung Quang Thang (Vietnam Green Tourism Association) said that participating in reducing plastic waste will bring businesses, destinations with many benefits such as saving operating costs, accessing the tourist markets with a positive awareness of environmental protection, accessing reputable international organisations, and positioning the corporate brand in the international markets. Vietnam Green Tourism Association is also building a green tourism route Ha Noi - Ninh Binh, connecting service providers according to green criteria to form products for market, suitable for tourist tastes and sustainable development.

This training programme was held in Gia Vien District (Ninh Binh Province), which is promoting green tourism development in Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve. According to Ms. Vu Thi Duoc - Vice Chairwoman of Gia Vien District People's Committee, the locality is consulting on sets of criteria for green tourism and minimising plastic waste because this is also the district's tourism development orientation.

Gia Vien is also building a 'Green Sunday' experience model for tourists, combining travel experiences to improve life skills with environmental cleaning and making recycled products from waste, creating green gift boxes and community tourism development, added Ms. Vu Thi Duoc.

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