Bicycle - the main means of transport in Hoi An

Update: 29/10/2018
The project on establishing comprehensive bicycle plan and free/low-cost bicycle sharing program in Hoi An city has just been launched by the Hoi An city People’s Committee, Quang Nam province.

Experts at the workshop on development of a comprehensive bicycle plan in Hoi An city

In the workshop on development of a comprehensive bicycle plan in Hoi An city held on October 24th, the Germany’s Global Urban Transport award was given to Hoi An city and HealthBridge Canada in Vietnam. The project costs 178 thousand euros. It is officially financed by the Government of Germany.

The project will make a master plan for non-motorized transport development and another to develop a bicycle network in Hoi An. It will also set up a network of safety cycling infrastructure and a free/low-cost bicycle sharing programme. This idea is considered suitable for small and medium cities in Vietnam (such as Hue, Da Lat) and other cities in the world. It encourages expansion of similar systems.

According to Vice Chairman of the Hoi An City People's Committee, the master cycling plan will provide a legal framework and formulate policies in order to build a cycling environment. The plan also encourages investing in sustainable transport.

The workshop was a chance of sharing and discussing policies and initiatives on non-motorized transport development in Hoi An, opportunities and challenges of the cycling program in Hoi An.

Cycling in Hoi An

A fieldwork will be carried out in Hoi An on October 25-26 in order to develop a detailed plan for implementing the project.

Source: Quang Nam News