Summer time in Ta Van - Lao Chai valley wows travellers

Update: 28/05/2020
Distinct from the hustle and bustle town of Sapa, the Ta Van - Lao Chai valley is a peaceful and gentle place for travellers who love to explore nature as well as the life of the highland people.

From Sa Pa town down to Provincial Road 152, visitors can hardly walk because of the beauty of the terraced fields and stilted roofs spread across the valley.

Located about 10km from Sa Pa town near the Bac (Silver) waterfall towards the Muong Hoa valley, the Ta Van and Lao Chai hamlets are located on the mountainside overlooking the Ta Van - Lao Chai valley, separating them from the outside world.

Visitors can enjoy the immense green sight from beautiful local homestays or take a walk on paths within terraced fields.

For many years terraced rice fields have become a symbol of tourism in Sapa as well as in Ta Van and Lao Chai. In early summer (June-July), the valley is covered in a vibrant green vitality. At the end of summer (August-September), the green colour gradually turns to yellow, making it the best time of the year to admire the beauty that has become a worldwide symbol.

With hills and mountains stretching across either side of the valley, there are many outdoor activities for travellers.

Visitors can spend all day trekking along the Muong Hoa stream ...

... or climbing upstream and immersing themselves in the cooling water of numerous beautiful small streams pouring down from the mountains to Muong Hoa.

They can also experience other enticing venues around Ta Van - Lao Chai, such as riding a motorbike to Seo My Ty lake and visiting Y Linh Ho and Hau Thao hamlets.

Photo: Nguyen Anh Tuan

Source: Nhan dan Online