Rach Vem fishing village - Kingdom of starfish in Phu Quoc

Update: 18/06/2020
Rach Vem fishing village, which has been dubbed as “the Kingdom of Starfish”, is one of the destinations on the wish lists of visitors to Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province. Images of the fishing village are widely shared on social media, featuring deep blue seawater, white sand beaches, and a lot of starfish.

Starfish in Rach Vem village are distinguished from others in their shapes and unique colours.

Rach Vem is a small fishing village located in the northwest of Phu Quoc Island, 21 km from Duong Dong Town.

From Duong Dong Town, visitors can travel to Rach Vem Village by bike or car. The 21-km journey is quite challenging as half follows a dirt road running through the forest. The road becomes quite slippery in the raining season.

According to locals, the best time to visit Rach Vem is in September when the seawater is so crystal clear that tourists can see through it and starfish appear closer to the shore.

Fishermen dive to collect starfish and arrange them on the beach for tourists to take photos

A tourist poses with some starfish.

Children excitedly touch starfish with their hands.

After taking photos, tourists release the starfish into the sea.

Visitors can taste fresh seafood delicacies at floating restaurants near the beach.

The restaurants’ owners set up wooden swings and stairs for tourists to take photos and check in.

Photo credit: Bong Mai

Source: Nhan dan Online