Binh Thuan: Endangered baby turtles released into sea

Update: 20/08/2020
Phu Quy Island off the south central province of Binh Thuan on Monday released 45 rare baby sea turtles back into the sea.

Forty-five rare baby sea turtles are released back into the sea at Phu Quy Island of Binh Thuan Province on August 17. — Photo

Do Minh Loc, head of the Aquatic Resources Protection Station in the island, said the sea turtle is in urgent need of protection. It is listed in Viet Nam's Red Book and is considered an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This is the first time after more than two years that the sea turtles have returned to the island to lay eggs.

On June 27, staff at the station discovered a mother turtle weighing about 100kg digging a nest in the sand to lay eggs on the island’s Trieu Duong Beach.

After more than two hours laying eggs and covering them with sand, the mother turtle swam back to the sea.

The staff was on duty protecting the eggs for 51 days. A net and a notice board set up around the area called on locals to protect the 45 baby turtles when the eggs hatch in the sand nest.

On August 17, shells of the baby turtles had hardened, so the staff released them back into the sea at Hon Tranh Islet.

Source: Viet Nam News