Ho Chi Minh City named among top ten cheapest places for American expats

Update: 09/11/2020
Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City heads the list of the ten cheapest places for American expats to live abroad, according to the Business Insider’s an article published on November 5.

Ho Chi Minh City (RWP UK/Getting Images)

Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur and Thailand's Bangkok ranked second and third on the list, repectively.

According to the article, about 77% of foreigners surveyed living in Ho Chi Minh City said that they felt satisfied with theirstandard of living and financial conditions. These rates in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are 73% and 63%, respectively.

Currently, the cost of living and housing in these three cities is only about US$500-600 per month. Meanwhile, in cities across the US, rents under US$1,000 per month have become almost unheard of — Apartment Guide data shows that the average rentfor a one-bedroom apartment in the US is about $1,600 per month.

In addition to the three cities above, Business Insider also lists a number of other locations that are also affordable for expats living, including Taipei (Taiwan, China), Panama City (Panama), Mexico City (Mexico), Budapest (Hungary), Montreal (Canada), Doha (Qatar) and Bogota (Colombia).

The article wrote “Leaving the country to live abroad isn't always easy, but it can make life significantly more affordable.”.

Foreign professionals can choose to live in affordable cities to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle and reduced financial stress.

Source: Nhan dan Online