PM urges for safety measures to welcome Lunar New Year

Update: 23/12/2020
The Prime Minister has issued a directive urging for strengthened measures to ensure a happy, healthy, safe and thrifty Lunar New Year (Tet) 2021.

The PM has requested strengthened measures to ensure a happy, safe and economical celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year (2021).

Accordingly, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with other related authorities to strongly promote the domestic market and stimulate domestic consumption in an appropriate and effective manner, while ensuring the supply of essential goods to fully meet the needs of the people and avoid sudden price increases on the occasion of the year-end and Tet, or in case of an epidemic breakout.

Authorities should focus on protecting the interests of consumers by promptly detecting and strictly handling violations of the law on competition, acts of trading smuggled goods, counterfeit goods, banned goods, poor quality goods and violations on food safety or fraudulent goods of origin.

The Ministry of Finance was asked to closely monitor price and market developments, especially regarding essential goods and services, in order to promptly direct and take measures to strictly handle violations of the law on prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development actively monitors weather and natural disasters to adopt plans for prevention and control of natural disasters and epidemics of plants and animals, thus ensuring production stability.

The Ministry of Health strengthens the prevention and control of epidemics, especially the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases that are likely to break out in winter - spring, while strengthening inspection and examination to ensure food safety before, during and after Tet and reserving enough drugs, supplies, medical equipment, chemicals and means to meet the needs of medical examination and treatment.

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs shall focus on reviewing situation of policy beneficiaries and people with difficult circumstances to care and provide timely support, ensuring that all policy beneficiaries have gifts and receive gifts before Tet.

The Ministry of Transport should strengthen the regulation and strict management of transport activities, serving the travel needs of people on the Lunar New Year, while strengthening solutions to curb and reduce traffic accidents and overcome traffic congestion.

The State Bank of Vietnam operates a flexible monetary policy in line with the developments of the monetary market while closely following the fluctuations of the exchange rate in order to promptly inform and recommend the people.

Provinces and cities should ensure the strict implementation of the regulations on the prevention and control of COVID-19 and adjust the format of organising festival activities to ensure thrift COVID-19 response.

Source: Nhan dan Online