A glimpse of Khai Luong beach village

Update: 10/06/2021
On the map, Khai Luong hamlet (Van Thanh island commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province) is just a small dot in the south of Hon Gom peninsula, close to Cua Be and Van Phong bay.

Coming here, we can see the poetic beauty of a typical coastal hamlet in the South Central region. Despite being on the land, Khai Luong has no road to it, all by boat. Khai Luong village welcomes visitors with the bell ring of Dai Hai Pagoda (Dai Hai Pagoda) on the top of the mountain and the ancient roof at the gateway of the sea village. This place worships the fairies who only opened the hamlet, worships Nam Hai whale. By the ancient space is the sea village with the pure sea people.

A view of Khai Luong village

From Khai Luong coastal village, we can see the whole Cua Be of Van Phong bay. The village features small houses on the green hillsides of the forest and by rocky cliffs. Hundreds of years ago, people saw the most beautiful location at the end of Hon Gom peninsula and chose here to stay. Perhaps the fishermen realized that this place was really a place to anchor, so they set up a village… The name Khai Luong shows their desire of richness and peace for this place.

Khai Luong has forests, mountains, islands and sea. In the past, the vast forests of Hon Gom peninsula have provided construction materials and daily living for the people here, now the cool fresh water flowing down from the mountain supplies fresh water for wells in the village all year round. People do farming, or they do aquaculture with valuable aquatic species such as lobsters, fish and pearls.

Anyone who has been to Khai Luong once is hard to forget the color of the blue sea and the immense mountains here.

Duong Trang Huong - Translated by T.T

Source: Khanh Hoa News