Fishing village on Pearl Island

Update: 13/07/2021
The fishing village of Ham Ninh on Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, is not only a place to watch the beautiful sunrise, but also the number one place to enjoy seafood on the largest island in Vietnam. In contrast to the new and vibrant tourist areas, the fishing village attracts visitors with its rustic and wild beauty.

No one knows exactly when the village was founded, according to the elderly, after Phu Quoc was deserted, some fishermen from many places came here to fish, trade and set up villages. The estuary of Duong Dong is more bustling but also has big waves, while Ham Ninh provides quiet and safe anchorage.

Over the decades, residents in the village have been linked with fishing, then scuba diving to hunt sea cucumbers and find pearls. Their simple houses are nestled under the coconut trees, imprinted with the silver colour of time and the waves of the ocean.

Nowadays, Ham Ninh fishing village is an attractive destination on many Phu Quoc tours. Coming to the fishing village, visitors can mingle with nature and experience the life of fishermen.

The wooden bridges that local people built temporarily to fish or to wait for relatives to return from sea have also become beautiful "check-in" sites, which are popular with travellers.

Ham Ninh Beach is clean and gentle, even tens of meters away, the water is still not deep.

Sunrise is the best time for a walk on the sea, when the sun rises from the distant horizon, illuminating a sparkling water with fine sand filled with colourful shells and snails.

In the same place, when the evening falls, the sunset covers a splendid strip of colour on the harbours full of ships returning peacefully.

The ancient fishing village of Ham Ninh is suitable for tourists who love slow life along with culinary discovery. Like other fishing villages around the country, it is impossible not to mention the unique sea dishes of Ham Ninh fishing village. They include shrimp, fish, squid and scallops, while the most famous is probably the sentinel crab.

Sentinel crab in this sea has a strong sweet taste with firm and fragrant flesh. Customers can buy fresh sentinel crabs at the port and then visit any restaurant that hires to clean and process them. Whether steamed, roasted with salt or tamarind sauce, dropped hot pot, the famous sentinel crab dish will satisfy diners. Especially when dipped in salt and pepper lime or Phu Quoc fish sauce sprinkled with pepper, one of Phu Quoc's specialties, makes guests even more fascinated.

Source: Nhan Dan Online