Keeping the brand name of Hue tourism surpassing pandemic season

Update: 22/07/2021
Each business working in the tourism and service industry has their own philosophy and put it into their leading concentration to build up a brand name and strategies for development.

Rowing SUP on the Huong River has been a new product of Hue recently (photo taken before the COVID-19 outbreak) - Photo: MC

Identifying specific brand name

According to the recent research of Vietnam Tourism Association, facing hard tourism activities during the pandemic, there are two types of businesses’ reaction: being calm and minimizing everything to maintenance level until everything is back into normal, and the second type is many businesses consider it as an opportunity to distribute the products that are not as usual to come onto the market, taking advantage of the chance to create the new services.

This research shows that the pandemic is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for businesses to assert themselves and for new businesses to build up their brand names. With appropriate effort and direction to go, opportunities will be always available for any businesses.

Mr. Tran Huu Thuy Giang, Deputy Director of Tourism Department acknowledged that maintaining business during the pandemic was difficult, but keeping their brand name was even more difficult. To get the overall and accurate assessment whether tourism brand name can be maintained under the impact of the pandemic, it is necessary to wait until tourism is back to normal.

In this current period, keeping up the core value of the business and not changing too much toward the quality-decreased direction, together with the readiness for the next period based on the existing brand name has already been a success to tourism businesses. 

It is recognized that over time, despite being affected by the pandemic, the quality of products and services has still been ensured. According to the businesses, the tourists’ demand for using quality service is increasing. This trend hasn’t decreased by the pandemic. On the contrary, it is even higher. 

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thuan, Director of Dai Bang Tourism Joint Stock Company shared that the pandemic requires the businesses to be meticulous in the work of serving tourists. Meeting this requirement is the way to stimulate other tourists to make the same choice of using the products.

Recently, being shared on some tourism forums, it is surprising that while many destinations all over the country couldn’t attract tourists, resorts and destinations in Hue still maintained their operation, despite the low number of tourists. According to the Tourism Department, in addition to maintaining the quality, many tourism destinations offered many unique programs such as using pool service, booking dinners will receive the enclosed rooms. According to some businesses, that is the value of the next business strategies, such as some destinations switch to focus on exploiting health care services. 

It is necessary to enhance the rank of cultural heritage tourism ( photo taken before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak)

A strength that is being built up to be a stronger brand name of Hue tourism is the dedication, thoughtfulness, and a “safety and hospitable” destination. Leaders of the Tourism Department informed that it has been over a year since the time foreign tourists, who reluctantly were under quarantine situation, came back to their countries after the trips to Hue, they have been continuously sent greetings and thanks to Hue tourism sector, as well as promising a day to come back to the beautiful Ancient Capital.

Finding solutions in difficulty

Mr. Tran Huu Thuy Giang analyzed that in business, the core branch name is considered as a guideline throughout the business philosophy of the enterprise. There will be the period when the businesses have to face vital choices, such as the current pandemic forces the businesses to consider which choice is important, and who are their customers?

Mr. Vu The Binh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association said that in the period that the businesses trying their best to attract customers, with deep discount programs, the businesses have to ensure the quality of both products and services. In addition to maintaining the quality commitment, ensuring health for tourists must also be their priority. Quality and safety seem to be the two solutions, as well as the two brandings that tourism businesses need to focus on, especially in this current situation.

According to the specialists, under the viewpoint that the pandemic is an opportunity to promote the brand names, the businesses should find a way to reconcile the above two options, try to optimize all activities, expenses, etc., to maintain the survival.

Regarding the orientation of Hue tourism’s joint brand name from the impact of the pandemic, leaders of the Tourism Department affirmed that many new products and services will be established to enhance the richness and diversity of the Ancient Capital’s tourism sector.

Story and photos: Duc Quang

Source: Hue news