Little joys on large prairie

Update: 09/08/2021
Recently, weekend tours of Ha Noi – Dong Lam prairie (Huu Lien, Huu Lung district, Lang Son) have been rising in immense popularity for flawless check-in poses in the fairylike natural background.

Dong Lam in Huu Lien boasts two distinct seasons: a wet and a dry one. In April and May, streams meander around the prairie like a blue sash hung down loose on maiden shoulders. Nong Dung lake is the crystalline watery mirror reflecting the clouds and the sky. In the dry season, the prairie is the poem of endowment, laden with stretchy green lawns against the billowing swarms of statuesque white horses to accentuate the natural versatility and aesthetics.

Visitors are particularly fond of the untouched and untamed features of Dong Lam, most of all families with children as those little creatures from major cities can barely gain access to these spacious places, the cool, soothing nature and pure air on lawns, lakes, limestone mountains and rich floras… The trip proves an extremely lively bliss and a meaningful gathering of families when they can temporarily escape from grueling school days and working hours.

Last but not least, weekend tours to Dong Lam are not restricted only to students, but also a variety of visitors, such as the elderly, nature enthusiasts, fishers, kite runners or campers…

To diversify and enrich these tours, Tien Phong Travel are focusing on a new product in which raft rides are available for sightseeing of the prairie, which prove quite novel and unheard in this travel category. In these 2-day and 1-night tours, visitors are hitch horse ride, kayak, chase after kites, camp, barbecue outdoors or simply sing along…

In fruit harvests, visitors are allowed to enter orchards to pick custard apples, tangerines and persimmons, or in the gold paddy harvest, just put on the farmer clothes and join the locals in harvesting rice and make foods out of available ingredients.

These days, travel specializing households in Dong Lam, Huu Lien commune under instruction of the competent authorities have run their business properly and efficiently. 4 homestay units are all certified. A homestay village in Huu Lien was recently registered and able to accommodate 16-seat buses… These are all good signs to give local tourism a boost and further bolster travel revenues.

Hung Nguyen