Fashion collection made from southern delicacies receives Vietnam record

Update: 17/11/2021
Source: VOV
Designer Nguyen Minh Cong was recognised on November 16 as the first person in the country to create a mini fashion collection of gorgeous evening gowns that have been inspired by southwestern Vietnamese specialty cakes.

The designer is given the recognisation by the Vietnam Book of Records for his unique fashion collection.

This comes after earlier this year designer Nguyen Minh Cong had stunned local audiences with his mini fashion collection, making use of traditional southern delicacies to create vibrant patterns for his 20 designs.

An ivory-white outfit made from “banh la mit”, known as “jackfruit leaf cake” in English, wow fashionistas.

“Banh tam khoai mi”, also known as “silkworm steamed cassava cakes” are used to create the design.

“Banh beo”, “steamed rice pancakes”, are cut into little pieces and serve as the main materials used to create a unique golden princess costume.

Nguyen Minh Cong designs the evening gown based on “Banh cuon ngot”, known as “Vietnamese sweet steamed rice roll” in English, along with coconut and mung beans.

The yellow colour of “Banh xeo”, “Vietnamese pancakes”, forms a layer on a skirt. The charming outfit also features the green colour of lettuce, herbs, and bean sprouts.

The vibrant colors of “Suong sa hot luu”, “Vietnamese jelly dessert”, serves to make the outfit more attractive to audiences.

Designer Minh Cong helps to promote the cuisine of the southwestern region through a special mini fashion collection.