Ethnic girls preserve brocade weaving in the highlands

Update: 28/06/2022
Source: VOV - - June 26, 2022
Brocade weaving is a unique cultural identity of various ethnic groups in the highland district of Lam Binh (Tuyen Quang province) that needs to be preserved and promoted for younger generations.

Ethnic groups such as the Tay, Mong, Dao, and Pa Then in Lam Binh have for generations preserved the craft of weaving traditional costumes, creating extremely unique brocaded products.

Traditional costumes are one of the cultural heritages, bearing distinctive characteristics of the Red Dao ethnic group in Lam Binh that need to be preserved and promoted.

Through the skillful hands of ethnic artisans, each brocade looks like a work of art.

All brocaded products are made from natural materials by hand.

Like the Tinh – a music instrument of the Tay, the brocade accompanies the ethnic group throughout their life.

Weaving a product requires many stages, and it sometimes takes several months to complete a product.

The main raw material for weaving is cotton. Cotton after being harvested is dried. Yarn spinning must be done by hand so that the thread is even, beautiful and smooth.

After the spinning process, people cook porridge with sticky rice and put the fibers into the thick porridge to make them soft.

Artisan Phung Thi Tam of the Dao ethnic group, says it takes months to embroider a complete traditional costume of the Red Dao women. All items, from head scarves, shirts, bibs to belts are embroidered with motifs and patterns simulating plants, flowers, and animals close to people’s lives.

For the Pa Then ethnic people, brocade has its own characteristics. Combined with the main red colour are white and black fabrics, alternating pattern lines with blue and yellow to create a harmonious outfit.

Due to the impact of the market economy today, the cotton-growing and textile-weaving profession of the Tay people has gradually died out, and people have mainly used industrial materials.

However, several administrations are making every effort to preserve and restore the brocade weaving craft.

The restoration of traditional brocade weaving not only helps preserve cultural values but also creates conditions for Lam Binh to develop tourism, sustain steady livelihoods and increase incomes for local people.

Photos: suckhoe&doisong