May - the blooming season of phoenix flowers in Phu Tho Province

Update: 19/05/2023
Source: Phu Tho Newspaper - - May 14, 2023
In May, when the sound of cicadas chirping in the foliage is also the time when phoenix flowers bloom red across the streets and corners. Not only being the symbol of summer, the phoenix flower also brings feelings of melancholy.

The phoenix flower is the most brilliant and impressive of the summer flowers.

Since the beginning of May, phoenix flowers have bloomed in many street corners and roads.

With bunches of red flowers, the summer scene in Viet Tri city becomes so radiant and beautiful.

Bunches of flowers are like flames reaching up to the sky.

Fragile petals together with green leaves remind us of our youth with strong longings and aspirations.

The phoenix flower is also reminiscent of the innocent and pure schooling time...

Sometimes, phoenix flowers bring a romantic and gentle beauty as if they have just stepped out of poetry, literature, music...

Phoenix flower and school.

Radiant phoenix flowers welcome the vibrant, brilliant summer that is coming...

Anh Binh