Sorrowless flowers glow in Hanoi

Update: 11/10/2013
Source: VOV
Hoa Vô Ưu (Sorrowless Flowers), scientifically known as Sacara dives, are in bloom in Hanoi, marking the transition from spring to summer.

They can be seen in many pagodas, parks and public places, such as the Thu Le Zoo, the Botanical Garden, One-pillar Pagoda, and Reunification Park.

Originating from India, Hoa Vô Ưu is related to a legend about the birthplace of the Buddha in the Lumbini royal garden with a rich variety of flora.

In addition to its beauty, the sorrowless flower can be used to treat women’s diseases as mentioned in the Vietnamese book of valuable medicinal herbs.

Sorrowless flowers blossom all year round but their orange blaze is most prevalent between February and May.