Chong Mountain in Quang Ninh Province, a masterpiece of nature

Update: 29/09/2021
Recently, Chong Mountain in the northern province of Quang Ninh has become a tourism destination attracting many people, especially those who love adventures and exploration.

Chong Mountain is an ideal “check-in” point for those who love to explore. — Photo

Chong Mountain (chong means rocks piled on top of each other) is located between Minh Thanh Ward, Quang Yen Town with sub-zone 91, Bang Ca Commune, Hoanh Bo District, Quang Ninh Province. This site is located about 40km southwest of Ha Long City, about 18km southeast of Uong Bi City and 20km east of Hai Phong City.

Located at an altitude of 400m above sea level, the mountain has a unique shape with dozens of natural stones piled on top of each other at an altitude of hundreds of metres, protruding from the edge of the forest. There are contact points between two stones only about 1sq.m wide, creating a unique challenge for professional climbers who want to conquer the top of the mountain.

In addition, with its precarious appearance, the mountain always gives tourists the most exciting images. 

Chong Mountain is the name given by the local people. It is also known as Mom Luc Lac (Swinging cliff).

To get here, visitors have to go through dangerous mountains with many trails and turns, so if you don't have someone to guide or accompany you, you shouldn’t try climbing alone. It is easy to get lost.

Since we heard of this place a long time ago, we planned a trip before the fourth wave of COVID-19 hit the country.

We carried specialised climbing clothing and gloves. We also prepared food and water.

From the top of Chong Mountain, you get a good view of Yen Lap Lake. — Photo

We went to the centre of Hoanh Bo District. Then we followed Highway 279 about 19km to Khe Lieu, Bang Ca Commune. We parked our car at a local house and rented a boat at Yen Lap Lake, Dai Yen Commune, Hoanh Bo District, to reach the mountain.

Yen Lap Lake is known as a "miniature Ha Long" of Quang Ninh. Surfing on the blue lake between the pine trees and breathing in the fresh air to welcome the dawn was an interesting experience.

Chong Mountain is a new tourism destination, so there are no restaurants, motels or services around this area. Therefore, if you want to stay here for a long time, you should prepare food and tents before going.

The road to the mountain was difficult, but in return we were able to see the beautiful mountain.

From above, we could enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yen Lap Lake surrounded by immense pine forests, with floating islands in the middle of the lake, creating a charming landscape.

The scenery around Chong Mountain. — Photo

The peak of the mountain is stacked rocks that look rather steep and dangerous. We stood at the rocks firmly clinging to the ground, then chose shooting angles to create impressive photos.

Some of us who are more experienced climbed to the top to check-in. But if you don’t have experience, you should not climb to the top surface because the structure is weak and precarious.

A young tourist shows off at the top of Chong Mountain. — Photo

Chong Mountain is associated with legends and places such as Khe Mung, Khe Lieu and it is also a sacred mountain of the Dao Thanh Y people in Bang Ca Commune.

According to the elderly, once upon a time, there was a heavenly general who brought his army through this area. They went a very long way and couldn’t find drinking water. When he reached here, he was very happy to find the clear water and ordered his army to stop. Because his group was big and the water ravine was small and long, he used his hand to dig deep into the ravine to give the soldiers enough water to drink. Then the spring water rose to wet his shirt. He took off his armor, wrung his shirt and found a place to dry. He took a pole to put between the two mountain peaks (Dai Mountain and Chong Mountain) but because Chong Mountain’s peak is lower than the top of Dai Mountain, he picked up the rocks and put them on the top of the mountain to equalise the two sides and hung the pole to dry his clothes.

Local people later called the ravine Khe Mung, the mountain where he kept the pole to dry his clothes was called Chong Mountain.

If you love adventure, Chong Mountain is definitely an ideal place for you to try as well as participate in exciting outdoor activities when coming to Quang Ninh Province, but you must ensure your own safety when exploring the mountain

By Thanh Giang

Source: Viet Nam News