Art programmes dazzle audiences at Hue Festival Week

Update: 01/07/2022
An art programme with both traditional culture and modern elements has been held around Ngo Mon Gate and Thai Hoa Place within the Imperial City of Hue to entertain visitors at Hue Festival Week 2022.

Lantern dance performed as part of the Hoang Cung Giao Hoa (Royal Harmony) art programme. VNA/VNS Photo Tuong Vi

The programme, entitled Hoang Cung Giao Hoa (Royal Harmony), was in two main parts, the first of which included royal dances and songs and the second modern songs inspired by the beauty of the ancient capital, performed in the poetic space of the Imperial City.

The event opened with rituals at Ngo Mon Gate, including the re-enactment of the changing of the guard, gun orders, and firecrackers.

After the opening ceremony, the artists of Hue Royal Traditional Art Theatre presented special royal performances like Phung Vu Dance (dance of the Phoenix) and a lantern dance.

The audience was immersed in the sounds and colours of the cultural and artistic space within the ancient Imperial City to thoroughly enjoy Hue's intangible cultural heritage – nha nhac (Vietnamese court music).

Particularly, many visitors said they were impressed by the Nu Tuong Xuat Quan (Female General Dispatched Troops) Dance that is often performed on important occasions. In the dance, two artists in the roles of two national heroines – Trung Sisters, wearing war robes and holding swords in their hands, danced and sang to the beat of the music with other dancers dressed as female soldiers.

In addition to royal art, the audience was also entertained with songs inspired by the landscapes and landmarks of the ancient capital, such as Ta Ao Tim (Purple Dress) and Chieu Co Do (Afternoon At The Ancient Capital).

Le Thi Khanh Ly, a tourist from the central province of Quang Tri, said: “Royal Harmony was a unique and special art programme. In the fanciful space of the Imperial City, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the solemnity of royal music as well as the profound lyrics and melodies of modern songs about Hue. The province is not only beautiful but also has many valuable cultural heritages.”

Hue Festival Week 2022 concluded last night with a musical and art programme that featured selective performances by many domestic and international art troupes and bands like Da LAB, Chillies, Lyricist dance group and Spanish group España te quiero.

Held at Da Vien Stage, the programme was a farewell and a warm thanks to visitors from near and far who travelled to the Imperial City to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this year's Hue Festival.

Source: VNS - - June 30, 2022