ASI Reisen Blog: the best time to travel to Vietnam

Update: 26/07/2022
(TITC) - Anna Heiβ - a German female blogger, with her sympathy, impression and experience about Vietnam tourism, she gave a few suggestions and advice on the ideal time for travel so that travel lovers can have a perfect journey to this beautiful country.

According to the blogger, visitors can pay a visit to Vietnam at any time of the year. There are 3 regions with distinct climates: the North has a humid subtropical climate, the Central has a tropical monsoon climate and the South has a tropical climate.

Therefore, when considering the time to start the trip, visitors should plan out places to visit and activities to do during the journey. In fact, from November to April is the ideal time to travel, as this is when the weather is relatively nice and stable. From May to October, the weather in each region has a significant difference.

North of Vietnam

Na Hang Lake - Tuyen Quang Province (Photo: TITC)

“There are various brilliant tourist attractions in the North of Vietnam”, said Anna Heiβ. The bays with clear water, endless green rice fields and delicious food, above all, the mountains in the north are also worth a visit. Taking a walk or mountain climbing, visitors will feel the fresh air in the mountainous area and go on an exploration of every aspect of the land.

According to Anna Heiβ, the most perfect time to explore the North is from November to April as the weather is dry and cool. Winter in the North of Vietnam is relatively mild, the weather is cold and dry, December and January are usually the coldest. Summer is usually hot with high humidity, this is also the time when trees grow lush.

Central of Vietnam

Lang Co Bay - Hue (Photo: TITC)

The Central of Vietnam is influenced by the weather and culture of both the North and the South, and there are countless exciting things waiting ahead. From primitive forests to charming, poetic beaches show contrast but are extremely harmonious. Hundreds of national parks are open to welcome visitors coming to walk around and explore wild and rare species of animals, guaranteed to bring relaxation and full of fun. The female blogger further recommended that visitors should come and visit the Central from January to May. From June to September, the weather is quite nice, yet to keep an eye on the weather forecast. It is pouring from October to December.

South of Vietnam

Con Dao (Photo: TITC)

Anna Heiβ shared, if visitors find the weather in their hometown is cold and dull, they can have some sun rays and a lovely summer in the South of Vietnam. Here is the ideal place with white sandy beaches and clear water, and for sure to offer a perfect holiday. Visitors are free to enjoy graceful beaches, pay a visit to Buddhist temples or the river area. The best time to start the trip to the South of Vietnam is from November to May.

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