The splendor of Hoang Su Phi's terraced paddy fields

Update: 01/08/2022
Located in Ha Giang Province, Hoang Su Phi District has a total area of 3,700 hectares of rice terraces. Aside from being a natural wonder, the fields are a reflection of the hard work and inventiveness of local ethnic groups.

Green terraced rice fields add more charm to the magnificent landscapes of Hoang Su Phi District. VNS Photos Trieu Quang Hao

From available natural conditions and long-established production practices, they have overcome natural difficulties to create terraced rice fields that cascade down craggy mountain slopes.

The sunrise across terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang.

Unlike the regular paddy fields in the plains, people can only grow rice once a year when the flood starts to fill the terraces with water. During the flooding or 'pouring water' season, looking from above, the terraces seem like a mirror reflecting the clear blue sky and sunlight.

Hoang Su Phi terraced fields in the 'pouring water' season.

During the 'pouring water season, farmers will transplant rice seedlings in flood-prone areas. VNA/VNS Trieu Quang Hao

There is just one harvest each year, so you must schedule your visit well to witness the golden fields.

September through October, when the rice becomes ripe, is the best time to visit Hoang Su Phi.

You may also want to visit the region between March and May when it is known as 'pouring water' time. This is when all fields are submerged, causing them to shine and reflect.

Crooked clouds blanket the terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi.

Hoang Su Phi is regarded as the location with the most magnificent rice terraces in Viet Nam. Come to Ha Giang, and you will be astonished by the natural splendour you find there. 

By Trieu Quang Hao

Source: VNS - - July 30, 2022