Conquering Ba Ho Stream in Khanh Hoa

Update: 26/09/2022
Along the stream that stretches more than 10km from the top of Hon Son Mountain in Ninh Hoa Town, in the South Central province of Khanh Hoa, the three natural lakes which were created in different layers are the most memorable destination thanks to the stream of the same name: Ba Ho (Three Lakes). For visitors to Ninh Hoa, taking a day to explore three lakes is also a memorable journey.

A day to explore three lakes is a memorable journey. (Photo: NDO)

The lush tropical forest serves as the background for Ba Ho Stream, with some peaceful sections and some winding due to overlapping waterfalls and flowing water bends. On the path upstream from the mountain’s foot, the most beautiful stages are the three breaks of the stream with three small lakes located at different altitudes around the wonderful scenery of towering cliffs and dense trees.

The pristine scenery of the mountains, the cool air and the murmuring water have become the catalyst for travellers to begin their exploration journey. The path along the stream is a unique route which is full of fun and many challenges. It is a narrow path with many large and small rocks, so travellers must cling to craggy cliffs or big trees to move ahead.

Going through three lakes, visitors will see a range of scenery. The first lake on the journey upstream has a small waterfall. The second one is like a rock garden interspersed with the shade of ancient trees. Many tourists often try jumping from the cliffs into the lake or sitting on the big tree roots swaying in the water. The last lake is considered the most difficult challenge, but in return, the higher travellers go, the more pristine the scenery and fresh the air becomes. Maybe because of these experiences, visitors consider their time sitting and listening to the water pouring into the lakebed and soaking in the cool water as a worthy “reward” for their great efforts.

The common feeling of many visitors to Ba Ho Stream is the eagerness to be immersed in green nature. The positive energy from the journey also lasts until they return to the foot of the mountain. The stream bed is as wide as creating an infinity pool amidst the forest. Therefore, instead of sitting in the stream-side huts, many people choose to float with SUP boats to traverse the lake and enjoy the poetic scenery.

Hieu Hanh - Translated by NDO

Source: NDO - - September 24, 2022